Friday, 12 August 2016

20 Things I'm Currently Loving.

Hello lovelies! For today's post I wanted to do something simple. I've been putting pressure on myself lately to get reviews up and to make sure I'm posting every other day, so I thought 'stuff it' I'm going to post something light and fun. So, here are Twenty Things I'm Currently Loving:

1: PS...Super Matte Liquid Lipstick from Primark. I didn't expect anything from these, but I was very surprised. Review coming soon!

2: Re-watching Castle. I'm really sad that this show has ended and miffed at how it ended. It's been a favourite of mine for 7 years now, so obvs a rewatch was needed.

3: Candy Crush Soda. I am on level 239 right now and I am obsessed with this game!

4: My denim jacket. I wanted to buy a new denim jacket for ages and I saw this in New Look's Curve/Inspire sale and couldn't resist.

5: The Script's No Sound Without Silence album. I've had this for years but only just listened to it all and I love it.

6: YouTube. I love watching my subs new videos, I've always wanted to do YT videos myself but my life's shit in comparison, ha! (My faves are: Angela Lanter, Kate Snooks & BubzBeauty).

7: Wispa biscuits. THEY ARE A GODSEND *stuffs ten into mouth*

8: JoJo. SHE'S RELEASING NEW MUSIC *screams* I've been fangirling over JoJo's new music for a month or so now and finally a date has been released for her album *squee*

9: Tess Gerritsen's The Sinner. I'm a big fan of Rizzoli & Isles (which is also ending soon *cries*) so I've decided to read all of Tess' books to keep me going.

10: ColourB4. I've taken the step AGAIN and stripped my hair back to a light brown/ginger colour because I got bored of the red already *eeeeeh*

11: Snapchat filters. I've been LOVING the filters on Snapchat whilst also annoying Alex by constantly saying to him 'look at me, let it focus' ha!

12: Alli tablets. OKAY, don't lecture me, but I've taken a step into the diet pills world in hopes that they were aid in my weight loss efforts. These seem to be doing the job so far. I will review them properly after the first month is up.

13: Green eyeshadow. Don't freak out on me, but I've been loving wearing khaki eyeshadow as I find it really brings out the blue in my eyes.

14: The cooler weather.
15: Looking up tattoo designs for when I finally stop being a wimp.

16: My driving lessons. My instructor is so laid back, he's just amazing. I recently booked my driving test but have got to wait until November! *grrrr*

17: My photograph corkboard.
18: My new blackout roller blind. Mornings have never been so peaceful.

19: Finding old things from when I was younger. My recent clearout brought me back to my teen years when I had Christina Aguilera posters on my wall and a diary that could've put an insomniac to sleep, ha!!

20: Going to Frankie & Benny's with my 'bae'.

What have you been loving lately?
Laura x

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