Thursday, 28 July 2016

TV - Gilmore Girls The Revival.

Today's post is purely to cover my excitement for the all new FOUR episode season of.....the Gilmore Girls. *squeeeee* I've been a fan of the Gilmore Girls since around 2006 and have seen the show so many times, I just adore it. 

This show made me realise the importance of the relationship between a mother and daughter and seeing Lorelai and Rory's relationship really made me smile when I was sat with my own Mum watching the show together. We both adored GG (maybe not the latter seasons, but ssssh). This show was one of the first that my Mum and I really got into. We were both big on telly programmes and shared a lot of love for TV shows and this was one of the shows that set us off. 

I've been a fan of the cast, the writers, the whole GG experience for 10 years and I can't express how excited I am. I NEVER thought this would happen. I NEVER thought that we'd get to see the Mom-Daughter duo back fast-talking their way through an entire episode. It was something that I think all us GG fans hoped for and wanted bad after we finally saw Lorelai and Luke finally get it together at the end of the final season and IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING. I've never been so excited about a show before. I just cannot wait until November!

AND if you've not seen the trailer for Gilmore Girls - Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall then here you go.

What I Hope For:

Lorelai & Luke are still madly in love and even got married in their absence.
They also have a couple kids of their own and Rory is an amazing big sister.
Rory finally settled down, preferably with Jess and has her own family.
She also landed an amazing job and is running her own company?
Lorelai & Emily finally put their issues aside and are at peace.
Richard is memoralised within the show somehow.
Kirk & Lulu have a couple of kids that recreate Kirk's the birth of man play.
Miss Patty has retired and is being honored for her work off broadway.
Babette & Maury are still together and have a new cat to walk around in a pram.
Manuel has his own family and has chilled out a little.
The Dragonfly is bigger and better than ever and is the #1 Inn in Connecticut still.
Sookie & Jackson are still married and 'accidentally' had another baby.
Paris & Doyle are still the mad couple that they were.
Just to name a few.

What do you want to see in GG?
Laura x

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