Friday, 15 July 2016

Movies I Watched This Week #3.

This week as been long to say the least. I have been given the job of decorater by my boyfriend and his dad, so I am currently in the middle of wallpapering Alex's bedroom, which I don't mind as I can wallpaper easily, but it's such a small room....there's hardly any room to move *cries* so yeah, I've been doing that and watching movies, of course. Here's what I watched this week:

Love, Rosie
This movie follows the life of Rosie, a teenager with a set plan on what she wants from life and where she wants to go. She and her best friend, Alex, set their sights on moving to college in America together to live out their dreams but when something unexpected happens, Rosie backs out and their love and friendship are put to the test.

I adore the chemistry between Lily and Sam, it's so lovely and makes the story SO believable. I loved this movie. I loved that it has that little twist in it which I wasn't expecting AT ALL. It's a lovely little film, so if you're a chick-flick fan I'd definitely give this a watch. 9/10.

Me Before You
Same guy, different girl (even though they look like twins). This one follows Lou as she bats from job to job trying to help her family make ends meet. When she loses her waitressing job she begins working for the wealthy Trainer family as a carer for their paralyzed son, Will. Even though she has no clue what she's doing, she gives it her all and comes away with more than she bargained for.

THIS FILM. This bloody film. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but gaaaaah! I was not expecting to cry my eyes out at three in the morning when I popped this on. Obviously, I knew nothing about it besides the bout of controversy it caused last week, but I went into it not knowing much. But I really like it. I ADORE the character of Lou, she is so quirky and charismatic, I'm quite jealous of her to be honest. Although it's a ball-acher, I like this movie and if you don't cry you're not human. Get out. 8/10

The Shallows
Nancy Adams, a medical student, goes looking for solace on a secluded beach after recently losing her mother. She travels alone to the sandy beach in hopes of catching some waves with her surf board, but when she becomes the target for a Great White shark she has to take on her mother's bravery and fight for her life too.

Blake Lively is a total babe and I've been a fan of hers since back in the Sisterhood days, so when I saw she had a new film I had to watch it. Having never seen Jaws, I was a little weary of watching a shark movie as they do tend to be the same, but I liked this one. Blake is given the duty of carrying almost the entire movie and she does a fab job, even if it did gross me out....quite a lot. 7/10

What films have you been watching lately? Any recommendations?
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