Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Movies I Watched This Week #2.

Sooooo, it's been one of those weeks again where my time has been free and I've ended up watching a couple of movies. Thankfully the days have been on my side and most of these have been watched with rain rolling down my window and a cool breeze blowing throughout the house. It's so nice when that happens and you can just get wrapped up in your duvet and stare at the TV all day, aaaaaah, nice! Here's what I watched this week:

Adult Beginners.
Bored out of my brain, I was scanning for movies and came across this. I had no idea what it was but Rose Byrne was in it and Will's husband from Will & Grace, so I thought i'd pop it on. It starts with Jake, an entrepreneur, losing his business and all of his money, leaving him alone and homeless. He turns up on his sister's doorstep hoping that she'll let him stay with her, her husband and their son, which, along with some conditions, she does. From there we're met with sillyness, seriousness and some sadness.

It's not one of the best movies but I did enjoy it more than I thought I would. Even though it was in the comedy genre, it's not a comedy so don't be fooled. Overall, 7/10. 
(P.S. No idea why Joel McHale is on the poster, he's only in for a max five minutes).

I went into this movie not even knowing what it was really about, but I like Ryan Reynolds and it looked kinda funny. It follows ex-special forces operative, Wade, who finds himself become a science experiment to people that promised him they'd heal him, but they end up turning him into something that he'd never have imagined: Deadpool, a vigilante with a fast healing body and the ability of regeneration.

I REALLY like this movie. Even though I had no clue at first what it was about it was easy to get into and understand. It was also hilarious....what's a fourth wall again? 9/10.

The Secret Life of Pets.
We've all seen this advertised, have we not? Alex & I are suckers for funny animations *bapel?* and we'd been waiting for this movie to come out since last year when we saw the teaser trailer. It follows a little dog called Max, who is the apple of his owners eye until she brings home another dog called Duke, who threatens his status in his own apartment. They decide to put their differences aside when they discover a bunny (yes, a bunny) is building up a group of 'lost pets' who are planning to take revenge on the people that rejected them.

This was a good film....but it didn't live up to what I thought it would be. It wasn't as funny as the trailer made out and the story was a bit shotty....YES, I realise it's intended for kids, but c'mon, Despicable Me was amazing! 7/10 just for the cuteness of Max and Gidget.

The Choice.
I watched this not even realising it was a a Nicholas Sparks movie but as soon as I saw the beach and the story got going, it was obvious. It follows the lives of Travis and Gabby as they go from neighbours to 'so much more'. 

That's all you need to know if you've seen a Nick Sparks film before, right? I wasn't expecting much from this either as Safe House and The Best of Me were MAJOR let downs, but I ended up loving this movie. So much so I was sat bawling my eyes out at 3AM after watching it. UUUUUGH. I'd definitely recommend this one if you like Sparks' work. 9/10.
Honorable Mention: The Breakfast Club (forgot how good it was).

What have you been watching lately?
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