Sunday, 3 July 2016

Clothes - New Look Curve Wishlist.

I am forever looking on New Look at their Curve range because everything is so pretty & I want them. Only problem is I am on a budget and I can't afford to frivolously through money away in the name of a cute dress....Oh how I wish I could. BUT I get to make wishlists from my budgeting browsing, so I guess that's a good point. So here's what I've been coveting this week: 

CURVES Shell Pink Short Sleeve Shirt - £17.99.
I adore this shirt for three reasons 1) I don't own any shirts because I'm a fat arse and they don't fit, 2) It looks really smart, but could easily be made casual with some jeans and 3) I just really want it *cries inside*

CURVES Pink Floral Print Strappy Dress - £18.99.
I love floral prints. Period. I used to hate them growing up but now I adore them and they're the only print I really like on myself.

CURVES White Floral Print Peplum Cami - £12.99.
I've never been a fan of peplum tops cos they make my gut look even bigger *score* but the print looks so cute and it looks really good on the model *even though there's no way she's above a size 16, pfffft*

CURVES Floral Print Tie Strap Playsuit - £12.99.
I own one playsuit and always intended on buying some more but never got around to it. I really love the bold colours on this one as I KNOW it would easily distract from my belly.

CURVES Black Sateen Bomber Jacket - £29.99.
I've never owned a bomber jacket, but I really want one. They look so cool and hip, I mean they won't make me look like that, but you can't blame a girl for trying.

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