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Review - LOreal Casting Creme Gloss 656 Terracotta.

It's that time again......where the hair dye comes out and the colour change begins! I've never been one to stick to the same colour of hair for too long as I get bored really easy. I always tow to get my hair blonde then after a few months I get fed up of it and the upkeep so I change it again. As I am a hoarder, I had a couple hair dyes stored away under my bed that needed using, so instead of wasting money, I picked out this one; Casting Creme Gloss 656 Terracotta, which is part of the Glossy Berries collection from LOreal.

I have used this hair dye previously and loved it. I've always been a fan of the red/auburn hair trend and it's always been my go to colour, so obviously, it wasn't too hard of a choice.

This brand is one of my favourites as it doesn't contain Ammonia and it eventually washes out (28 washes minimum), so it isn't as damaging to the hair as previous dyes I have used. This dye contains a conditioning ingredient called Royal Jelly which supposedly helps to 'intensely condition for satin soft, voluptuous feeling hair'....I personally don't think this conditioner does anything more than any other conditioner I've used inside of a box dye, so don't go off of that if you're thinking of getting this dye.

The application was pretty straightforward. Inside the box you get the dye, the activator, the application bottle, the conditioner, gloves and instructions. I chose not to use the applicator bottle that came with it as I needed to use both of the boxes on my hair as it's getting long again (hooray!), so instead I used a tinting bowl and brushes.

I applied the dye firstly to my lengths, as my roots had already grown out and were quite light so I waited 10 minutes and then applied the dye to my roots and left it on for a further 5 minutes. The box says to leave the dye on for 20 minutes but as my hair was already quite light I didn't want the dye to darken it too much and thought 15 minutes would be long enough. I was actually right and ended up with this shade:

Amazingly, the colour is just like the box, which we all know NEVER happens, so I'm really happy with how this turned out. Even though, like an arse, I'm regretting dyeing it dark again, I think this dye did a fab job and gave a really nice even coverage. The conditioner was a little bit useless, but hey-ho, whatever. I only paid a pound each for these two, so it definitely isn't something I care about. Let's just see how long this colour lasts, eh? be continued.

Have you used this hair dye before?
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