Thursday, 16 June 2016

Movies I Watched This Week #2.

This week has been really long and it's not even really started yet. By that I mean it has been extremely boring and uneventful. When this happens I tend to just curl up on my bed and pop a movie or two on to pass the time, which is what I found myself doing these past few days or so. I'm not very good at reviewing movies as I can't really explain them without giving too much away but I shall try. 

So here are the movies I've watched this week:

If I Stay
I don't live under a rock so I have seen the book for this around a lot and when I saw the movie I thought I'd give it a watch as the book just sounded so sad and I couldn't go through Dumbledore's death again *ugh* This movie begins with a girl called Mia and her family getting into a car accident and whilst she fights for her life we see her as somewhat of a ghost going around the hospital watching over her family and seeing how the people she loves are dealing with the tragedy. We then switch to scenes where she's living her life, going to parties, dating, spending time with family, which I'll be honest, confused me to begin with. Once it got going though I really got into it. The movie is about Mia making the decision of whether she wants to wake up and live her life, which is dramatically different from how it was before the accident or to go into the light and be at peace. 

It's a really good film. It made me cry, which I hate doing, you evil writers, but I enjoyed watching it and it really makes you think what you would do in that situation. 8/10

How To Be Single
I wanted to watch this movie purely because of Dakota Johnson. I love her. 
It follows the lives of four women as they go about being single and dealing with their lives without men. There's not really much to say about this film as that's pretty much it in a nutshell. We see the women sleep around, make life-changing decisions and have fun with it all. I wouldn't say it's a comedy as it didn't make me laugh too much. Even though I like Rebel Wilson I think she was more annoying in this than anything else. I did love the story of Meg though as it was really sweet to see unfold. All in all, it didn't live up to what I thought it would be. 6/10

Term Life
This movie was an accident as I clicked on it thinking it was something else, but I'm actually glad I did. I love Hailee Steinfeld, I think she's fab and such a good role model. Vince Vaughn.....meh. The movie follows Nick, a man who is wanted for mistakenly killing a cop, and his daughter as they go on the run from the mob and the police. I know, I know, it doesn't sound too exciting and it's actually not, but it's an okay watch it you're into action movies. I particularly liked seeing the father/daughter relationship unravel throughout the movie and it actually made me somewhat like Vince Vaughn a little. 6/10

The Boss
Who doesn't like Melissa McCarthy? Seriously? She is an amazing woman. I loved her when she was making cakes in Gilmore Girls and I love her still today. When I saw that she had a new movie out, I begged Alex to go with me to see it. (He caved after I said I'd pay....ugh!) It is about Michelle Darnell, a self-made millionaire, who goes from riches to rags after an investment goes wrong. She ends up living on her ex-assistant's couch and trying to get back to the top of her game. 

The movie is funny and I love Melissa and Kristen Bell (heeeey, she'll always be Veronica Mars to me), so that made it better. Although the story is a little silly, it's a really good film and if you don't laugh at the boob bit, there's something wrong with you. 8/10

What have you been watching lately?

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