Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Review - Tanya Burr Lip Gloss in the shade, Aphrodite.

Whilst I was in my local TOFS (The Original Factory Shop) looking at the makeup section I come across a couple of Tanya Burr's products. Even though I've never actually read or watched anything she's done, obviously by word of mouth I knew who she was and knew that she had released her own beauty line. So when I saw some of her lippys I knew I had to nab one for a try out and a sneaky review!

I was drawn to these lip glosses at first because of the simple, yet pretty packaging. As all beauty bloggers know, we're suckers for cute designs. With it's simple black/clear tubing, the lippy really stands out and catches your eye when browsing. I wasn't aware that it was a Tanya Burr lippy until I actually looked at it properly, but after having a little swatch of the ones available (most of which were darker shades) I settled on this lovely pinky-red shade called Aphrodite

The lip gloss itself is a little bit sticky when applying, saying that though it does go on well and is well pigmented so you don't need coat after coat on your lips. 

As you can see the shade actually suits me and didn't wash me out like I initially thought it would. Even though the design of the wand was a little annoying and made it harder to apply (you get used to it after a few applications) I actually really liked this lippy. I'm not usually a gloss person as I like to have my hair down and we all know it can get very annoying when out in the wind. But I'm gonna give Tanya a thumbs up for this one as the colour is beaut, the packaging is lovely and sleek and the price was fab! (£1 for anyone near a TOFS).

Have you tried any of Tanya Burr's products? What d'you think?
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