Monday, 13 June 2016

Haul - Featuring Technic, Atmosphere & MUA.

Over the past weekend I popped into town and picked up a few bits here and there that I needed and thought that it would make for a fab post idea (isn't that what we all do?) so here we have a beauty/ hair/bits & bats haul. 

1 - Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Deep Nourishing Intensive Mask *phew*
I absolutely LOVE this hair mask. Not only does it smell divine it makes my hair feel soft AF. It is definitely my favourite hair mask for sure.

2 - Atmosphere Pastel Pink Purse
The purse I had was too big and bulky, so I popped into Primark and found this cute pastel one for £3. It has enough room for my cards and my pennies, so a definite bargain.

3 - Maybelline Big Eyes Eyeliner
I've been wanting a white eyeliner for a while now but haven't got round to picking one up, so when I saw this double ended one in....*drumroll*....Poundland, I had to have it. As this retail at around a fiver, this was a bargain!

4 - Technic Colour Fix Cream Foundation / Contour Palette
After watching a cream contour video on YouTube I was on the look out for a palette of my own. I saw this one in the Body Care shop for around £3 and thought I would give it a go. 

5 - Exfoliating Bath & Shower Glove
I bought this in Poundland also as it's Summer, the sun's out and my legs need some Vitamin D, so I thought I'd give them a good exfoliation and have them out in the sun. I have only just tried this but on first impressions it is rubbish.

6 - Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream
This is my current go to to help the outbreak i've been having on my cheek *ugh* I didn't want to spend money on spot sticks or anything like that and I know this works, so I picked up this tub which will last me a long time.

7 - MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit
Besides only really using the one shade in this kit, I love it. It's definitely my favourite to date and I will continue to repurchase it.

8 - MUA Lipsticks in shades Nectar & Juicy
These two lippies are currently staples in my makeup routine. With the nice warm weather these lovely peachy / pink shades look fab on the lips. These are two of the first MUA lipsticks I've tried and *Manuel voice* I don't hate it. Review coming soon!

9 - Landmark Wall Canvas'
I've recently finished decorating my bedroom and I picked these canvases up for just a pound each as I think they are lovely. I love the colours and the images on them, so they will go fab on my freshly painted wall.

And that ladies and gents is what my money was spent on this week. I'm planning a spending ban come Friday, so maybe another little spree is in order before then, ha!

What have you been buying lately? Anything nice? Any recommendations?
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