Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Review - PS...Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon in the shade, Blush.

I've never been one for lipsticks but for some reason lately, I have been collecting them like crazy. I own at least 20 of the flippin' things now compared to the two I owned last month. I am currently at my boyfriend's house & he's busy fighting trolls on LOTR, so I thought I'd get my blog on and review this recent purchase: PS...Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon in Blush.

As we all know Primark isn't exactly hopping with reviews on their makeup brand, but I wanted some more lip products to add to my collection and when I saw this lip crayon I thought 'WELL, I don't own any lip crayons, so why not?' and for £2 I wasn't really losing anything if it wasn't any good.

As you can see, the lip crayon comes in a rather nice, sleek black packaging with the product name emblazoned in gold writing over it. Even though it was only £2 I find the packaging to be really attractive and that's what swayed me to try it out. I had a choice between this colour or a couple of red shades, so as a paley I went for the nuder toned crayon as I knew it would suit me better. I picked up the shade 'Blush' which is a lovely pink toned nude. 

The formula of this isn't the best. The crayon definitely has a waxy feel to it and drags a little on the lip and it is a little drying when applied. I have learned that a touch of lip balm beforehand combats the drying feeling, not too much though as it will ruin the whole matte effect of to which this crayon is created.

The colour is really lovely on. As I said, it feels dry going on, but it doesn't make your lips feel dry when wearing it which is quite good for a matte lippy. I've not tested the lasting power for this properly, but I have applied it at around 12pm and it's still faintly been there around 2pm so it's not the best, a top up is most definitely required throughout the day.

All in all though I think for £2 and the fact that it's from Primark, this lip crayon is pretty good. I've not got much experience with this sort of product so it might be wank to you guys who know about these things, but if you're just wanting something to pop on in a rush it's worth the pennies!

Have you tried anything from Primark's beauty range?

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