Friday, 6 May 2016

Personal - My Goals for May.

So April has come and gone...and in an extreme blonde moment I forgot to put up an April goals post *facepalm* so instead of my usual 'goals revisited', I guess, I'm going to do a May Goals post and hope that I don't forget it about it this time next month *doh*

Blog More.
I say this every month and I do mean it when I write it but then throughout the month I find myself losing inspiration and the posts become far and between. I am hoping this month with decorating my room and sorting out my things that they will inspire some posts out of me, so stay tuned!

Decorate my room.
I recently bought the paint for my room and am planning on doing it all by myself. It'll be the first time since my Mum died that I will have redecorated so I'm hoping I can do it all myself as my Mum used to help me out a lot before. In fact she wallpapered my room before, so I think I may skip the wallpaper and stick to using paint.

Spending ban.
My bank balance is tight lately and I cannot for the life of me understand why or where my money is going. So, this month I am not going to buy anything that I do not need. If I see a nice dress and it's under £10 then I might cut myself some slack, but otherwise, makeup and other unnecessary items will be put on the back burner. 

Read More.
Lately my concentration for reading has been shocking. I haven't been able to concentrate longer than a chapter on my Kindle and it's taking me forever to complete anything lately. I am hoping the sun and warmer weather might give me some time to relax and pop the Kindle on. Here's to two books this month, woo! (I'm such a book-worm, teehee)

Eat Healthier.
No explanation needed really. I've got fatter over Winter and I NEED to lose some weight before my 23rd in September. The way I feel about myself is getting worse with every pound so this is probably the most important goal on my list this month. -4lbs is the goal. Not too much and not too little. Something to start with.

So they are my goals. I tried to make them realistic because I never stick to them most of the time, these ones seem do-able to me. So this time next month I will let you know how I got one :)

Have you set yourself some goals for this month?
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