Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Haul - Featuring LOreal, Maybelline & Tanya Burr.

If you have read my goals post then you might have noticed that I have once again, not lived up to the goals I set myself. The main one being to blog more often. I have, in fact, blogged a total of ONCE since that post. BUT I am back with this new post featuring a mini (like, three things) haul post, woot-woot!

I recently took a stroll into my local TOFS aka The Original Factory Shop and had a browse at their makeup, like I always do (I find nothing else in there appealing, if I'm honest). I LOVE their range of makeup as they always have really good brands for fab prices! Being the bargain hunter that I am, I can never pass up the opportunity to save them pennies! This trip out cost me the low-low price of just £9 in total and I came away with some fab items.

I picked this up as I initially thought that it was a lipstick and also that the packaging was really pretty and *SHINY*. Like a total dope, I didn't even bother to swatch it, I just popped it in the basket. From first impressions I'm not too sure of this one. I will probably pop a review up once I try it out better. BUT on the plus side, this one only cost me £2. I found the same one on Amazon for around £7.

This foundation has been a favourite of mine for a while now, besides the Revlon Colorstay foundation, this is one that is usually popped into my shopping basket. I've tried all of the paler tones and finally realised that I should have just gone for good ol' plain Ivory as the Rose Ivory is too pink and the Rose Vanilla is too yellow. This Ivory suits my skin tone perf! I picked this one up for just £6. RRP is around £10.

I used to LOVE doing my nails all the time, but I got kinda lazy and haven't bothered lately, but I've been hearing a lot about the lovely Tanya Burr and so when I saw this nail polish I thought I'd give it a whirl. Also, noting that this one is named after my favourite city, how could I not? I've tried this polish on but I'm not sure what I think yet....review pending! I got this for the bargainous price of just £1. ONE POUND! RRP is around £7 (apparently).

As you can see my little trip was absolutely worth it. If you've not been into an Original Factory Shop before have a pop in, like I said before, nothing in there really interests me (their clothes stop at 18 in my store) but their selection of makeup is pretty fab!

Have you picked up any bargains lately?

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