Saturday, 23 April 2016

Why I Wish I Lived Alone.

I live with my older brother. When my mum passed away, my dad quickly moved on and moved in with a new girlfriend and so I got left with my 28-year-old brother. I didn't think much about it at the time as I obviously had other things on my mind, but by god, do I wish I would've got my own place now. If you live with a sibling you're not particularly close to or a flatmate you don't get on with, you'll understand where I'm coming from. 

Here's why I wish I lived alone:

  1. When I'd spend my own money to stock the freezer/fridge with food it would still be there when I wanted some of it.
  2. When I top up the electricity and the gas meter it'd still be in credit three days later.
  3. When I put the heating on it would stay warm as all the windows upstairs would be shut not wide open.
  4. When I wash all of my pots up and tidy up the kitchen it would still be clean in the morning and wouldn't have pots in the sink.
  5. When I need to do my laundry I wouldn't have to wait for Sir Brother to do a full wash with only his uniform in (cos it can't be washed with other things!).
  6. When I spend an hour vacuuming all the house it would stay clean and not have a trail of mess wherever I walked.
  7. When I buy shampoos, conditioners and bath soaps they would still be there after i'd used them just once.
  8. When I spend ages giving the hob a good scrub it would stay clean and not have oil splashed all over it 5 minutes later.
  9. When I go to use the toilet there wouldn't be pee all over the seat.
  10. When I want to sing at the top of my lungs, I could do it without feeling silly.
Ugh! If you understand any of these lovely points then you clearly live with someone like I do. It's extremely annoying when you put so much effort into the house only for someone to ruin it....guuuuh! 

Do you live with someone that does any of these things? Let me know!
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