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Review - Schwarzkopf 910 Pearl Blonde Color Mask.

This past week marked the time that my roots need doing and my hair needed toning. Ever since going back blonde I've been dreading the upkeep that comes along with it as it can be so tiresome and slightly expensive. Especially if you're not too sure what you're doing, like myself as one point. I used to make a right mess of my hair before but after doing some research and actually learning how to handle blonde hair, I think I've cracked it.

I decided to take a break from my usual Pro:Voke brightening shampoo this week as my roots needed a top up. I remember some time ago the lovely Maxine at MaxineWhitneyy posted about using this hair dye to re-do her roots, so I thought instead of trying to mess around with proper bleach I'd give this a go.

This is the Schwarzkopf Color Mask in the shade 910 Pearl Blonde. I've used this brand before on my hair when I previously went back to a brown shade (read my review here) and I was really impressed with the results. With a blonde dye though, I wasn't too sure what to expect.

Inside the box is the usual developer cream, colour cream, conditioner sachet, gloves and instructions. Like I've said in my previous post, I love this hair dye brand as it is so easy to apply and is literally like putting on a conditioner. The formulation is unlike any hair dye I've used before as you can just massage it all around your hair without worrying about 'missing a spot'. It's super easy! So if you're new to dyeing your own hair I'd definitely recommend this brand for the job.

As I was wanting to lift my roots, I chose the lightest shade in the collection. '910 Pearl Blonde' is a lovely cool almost platinum looking blonde, so I thought it would be nice on my roots and also a nice toner on my somewhat brassy blonde. 

The application went smoothly and was super-easy, the only thing that panicked me was coming towards the end of the mixture and having the back of my hair to do. BUT thankfully the product was easy enough to massage around into the back and down my ends! So if you've got hair as long as mine definitely pick up two boxes as you'll be needing them!

I left the dye on for the recommend 25 minutes. 15 minutes on my roots first and then I applied to the lengths for the last 10 minutes just to get the tone down. After the time was up, I rinsed it all out, applied the TINY sachet of conditioner (use your own as there's not where enough in the packet), washed it out, dried it and this was the results.

As you can see I was left with a really lovely, cool toned blonde. It did a fab job on my roots (sorry the roots aren't as visible in the pic) and it toned away the horrid brassy tones I had before. My hair was left in good condition afterwards even though I wish I had used my own conditioner, so the hair dye is really nice and doesn't dry out your hair at all.

All in all, I'm happy with this hair dye. I think for the forsee-able future I will be repurchasing this dye for top ups on the hair dooo. I'd definitely recommend it if you're wanting to do a similar thing to your own hair.

This hair dye is available in most supermarkets, but I like to buy it either from Amazon or Home Bargains as it's almost half price considering big shops!

Have you used this hair dye before? What did you think to it?
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