Tuesday, 5 April 2016

March Goals: Revisited.

How are we all on this dreary fifth day of the month (whaaaaat)? I woke up expecting some sunshine for my driving lesson this morning but nope, it had to be pouring it down, didn't it? (I don't really like driving in the rain, it makes me nervous). 

This is my monthly post to update you on my goals for the past month. If you can remember back to that post a whole month or so ago (if you can't here's the link) you may remember I tried to limit myself to 'realistic' goals to try and give myself the motivation to stick to them.....well, here's how I got on.

Continue to blog more frequently.
I began writing this section by saying 'No, I hadn't blogged a lot in March', but then I went to retrieve the links to my nimble posts and found that I'd blogged twelve times this month! I'd completely forgotten about many of these posts, so it was nice to have a read through. They may not have been the best written blog posts ever made, but I wrote them and hopefully, you read them, so that'll do me fine! 
Completed? Yup!

This month's posts:
Blog my stash.
I did one post featuring something I already own...I planned on doing a couple more reviews this past month, but the lighting has been shocking and I don't have fancy schmancy lighting equipment, so blog photos were put on the back burner. Luckily, I managed to snap some pics on a rare sunny day and posted this review of W7's Big Lash Mascara which I love! Have a nosey if you're in need of a new mascara as I think it's fab!
Completed? Yes!

Go on a spending ban.
Weeeeell, technically I did this. Considering I write mostly a beauty blog, I did not spend any money on makeup this month, so I feel I can say I managed to do the ban. I did spend money on some hair dye though (review coming soon!) but...does that count as a beauty product? :/
Completed? Meh.

Lose 6lbs.
Completed? Pffft.

Read at least two books.
Of course, I set out to do this goal, I loaded up my Kindle for choice and started off by reading a new book by an author called David Meredith (which I plan on reviewing soon) and I also purchased the book for My Mad Fat Diary (I know, I'm obsessed!) but I admit this month just wasn't to be. I got sidetracked by my new love for Oasis music and rewatching MMFD, hopefully, this month I might get through one book at least.
Completed? Nope.

So, another month. Another set of goals somewhat unaccomplished. I'm good at this stuff, aren't I? Did you set any goals this past month? Did you manage to complete them? Be honest.....

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*photo by my boyfriend, editing by yours truly.

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