Tuesday, 22 March 2016

My New TV Obsession.

If you follow me on Twitter, you will have seen a 'few' tweets that I posted recently regarding a TV show that I recently started (and finished) watching.

My Mad Fat Diary.
I'd seen this show advertised so many times last year but I just never got around to watching it, but after catching up on all my other fave shows I needed something else to fill the next week in, so I finally decided to dive into Rae's Mad Fat Diary.

If you haven't seen the show, here's what it's about. It follows a 16-year-old girl called Rae Earl as she deals with being released from a psychiatric hospital. She'd secretly been admitted to hospital after hurting herself and dealing with mental illness. It follows her life as she inhales a breath of freedom and tries to return to a normal teenage life all the while keeping it all a secret. She reconnects with her best friend and in turn gains a gang of friends that she couldn't live without.

Before you start thinking that it'll be a light-hearted, quirky sort of comedy....think again. This is the rawest show I've watched when it comes to mental health. Having been an anti-depressant taker for over two years now I know how shit life can be and how your mind can f*ck up sometimes, so seeing this show and watching Rae's story unfold was amazing. I didn't expect to relate so much to this show when I watched the first episode, but it's like a more extravagant (not sure that's the right word) version of my own life. I'm fat. I'm depressed. I hate life, sometimes. It makes you feel like what you're feeling, others are too and you're not alone. It's so real

Besides the realisation that Rae's life is in tune with my own, I love the show because of the characters and the relationships they develop. 'The Gang', as Rae refers to them, are probably my favourite group of friends on TV ever (except THE friends). Their love and loyalty towards one another makes me envy not having friends like that. They're amazing and it will definitely give you #squadgoals for sure! Chop, Izzy, Chloe, Finn (<3) and Archie aren't perfect, but when it comes to their friends they are always there. The relationship that Rae develops with her therapist, Kester, is also one of my favourites in the show. He cares so much for her that you want to throw knives at her real dad and throw him under a bus!

So, if you haven't watched this show, I urge you to see it. Like right now. Get it on. I can't praise it enough. The only thing I hate is how short the series was. I would've loved to watch this show forever.

Have you seen MMFD? What did you think to it?
Laura x