Thursday, 3 March 2016

My Beauty Faux Pas.

We've all been a bit naive when it comes to makeup, haven't we? I remember when I was younger I thought Avon was the bomb and that their Angel Food eyeshadow was the best in the world (I still love that eyeshadow!) But wearing blue mascara and coating your lips in black lipstick to appear mysterious is just a massive FAIL. Thinking about these extremely bad past experiences with makeup I thought it would be fun to share with you all my wicked past experiences with makeup and beauty products!

*image found on pinterest

  • Layering waaaay too much eyeliner onto my waterline.
  • Getting red / white & blue extensions in my hair when I was 7 for the new millenium (I thought they were super-cool but my headteacher forced me to cut them out)
  • Fake tanning my legs USING MY HANDS. Yeah, safe to say my hands were more tanned than my legs.
  • Attempting to bleach my hair by myself and ending up with bright yellow hair. Baaad mistake. *Take note kids, always go to a hairdressers for drastic hair changes.
  • Only applying foundation to my face and not buffing it into my neck area....Thank god, I realised my mistake quickly!
  • Thinking blush was to be applied in a restricted circular motion on your cheeks...hello, Ronald!
  • Wearing false nails for the first time and not being able to do absolutely anything because I was scared that it would rip my own fingernail off.
  • Thinking glitter looked cool on my eyelids....just nuuuu, waay too messy.
  • Sticking a 'diamond' sticker on your tooth to be cool in primary school.
  • Trying to make an homemade exfoliator but having no sugar and using sweetener instead.....yeah, that did not work.
What are your beauty faux pas? Please share yours as I'd love to know I wasn't the only teenager that failed as a girl, ha!
Laura x