Friday, 11 March 2016

March Goals.

So you may have read in my recent post February Goals | Revisited that I did not do very well with the goals I set for last month. In fact, I bombed at it. I set out with good intentions and it all just flopped within a week or two. Bad Laura! This month though I fully intend on setting myself reachable goals as I think last month I may have thought far too extravagantly and fluffed up my chances before even starting. So...let's begin.

Continue to blog more frequently.
I think this goal last month was the only one I did really good at and I'm really proud of it. I haven't been too into blogging lately and the fact that I managed to pull myself back in and get excited about it again has made me feel fab! I know why I started blogging now and I'm hoping this momentum will carry on for me.

Blog my stash.
Even though my makeup/beauty stash isn't as big as many of my fellow bloggers, I am hoping to blog about the stash that I do have in hopes that it will save me some pennies and also give me some post ideas to write up.

Go on a spending ban.
My purse is feeling super light lately and I really need to end the unnecessary spending I've been doing. The last thing I have purchased for this month is an exercise bike (which I should of done last month) and that is now my last spend of the month. No more makeup, beauty supplies or major money chunks out of my bank. Let the spending ban begin!

Lose 6lbs.
I set this goal last month and I managed to lost a couple of pounds but that was it. I got weighed yesterday with Alex and I've lost 2lbs, so I'm on my way already which I'm super excited about. Hopefully with the bike now in my life this goal will be more achievable!

Read at least two books.
Not a lot to some, but I haven't read a single word from a book in the past few weeks, which I am extremely annoyed with myself for. I love to read it's just finding the time when you have to do all the up keep in a house *bangs head against the wall*

Have you set any goals for yourself this month? Let me know!

Laura x