Thursday, 25 February 2016

Jerome Russell Bblonde Platinum Maximum Blonde Toner - REVIEW.

hello lovelies!
Welp, if you've seen my Instagram page recently you may have noticed that ma hurr has gone over to the light side again. Yes, yes, I decided to go back blonde. Dun dun duuuun. The first time I bleached my hair blonde it went terribly wrong (literally yellow), but thankfully the cards were on my side and it's turned out fairly okay this time. I'm hoping to write a post on it sometime this week showing you what products I used, so if you're interested keep an eye out.

Anyway, this post is my attempt at toning down the blonde that I've managed to create by using this very popular product by Jerome Russell. It's the Jerome Russell Bblonde Maximum Blonde Toner in Platinum (phew!)

I picked this toner up for a fab £3.49 from my local Home Bargains last week. I was on the lookout for a new toner to try and was planning on picking up the La Riche purple dye to try out, but I saw this and thought as I usually do, 'I'll give it a go'.

Sorry for the blurred-ness of this picture, thank Samsung for that. Their phone camera's are shiiit

Let me just start out by saying that my hair was in no way light enough for this product which I realised when I bought it, but I thought that it might at least tone down the orange tinge that was going on and also, my hair wasn't too far off the chart but check the colour chart before picking up a box for sure!

Onto the product itself, inside the box is this lone little bottle of toner. I expected it to have more bits and bobs with it, but alas, this ickle bottle is all you need. The toner itself is a lovely lilac / purple coloured gel consistency. It's slightly runny, so be careful when applying. 

The box says to wash hair was a ph-balanced shampoo & then towel-dry it, which I did cos I'm good at following instructions *WINK* then just apply the toner to the hair. I didn't go for the mixing bowl/brush hoopla, I just plonked it onto my unglovened hands (which they don't recommend) and just smooshed it in my hair like I would a shampoo. The consistency is runny enough to be able to spread it through the hair, so I wasn't too worried about missing any bits. 

The process is quite specific so make sure to follow it to the tee. It says to apply it to the hair and then put a plastic cover over it, which I'm assuming means either a thin shower cap or cling film (I just used the HB carrier bag it came in, ha!), then apply heat for FIVE minutes. I assume this step makes the product work faster and better (I really don't know). I left it on for 25 minutes. It can be used for longer, but keep a check on the colour as you may end up with a purple tone to your hair if it's not properly watched. 

Anyhoo, the process was pretty simple. Once 25 minutes was up, I went and washed it all out with warm water, applied some oil to my ends (split ends are the devil) then blow dried and inspected the results....

As you can see the lighting was different (even though I was stood in the same place) but hopefully you can tell that it has definitely toned down some strands of my hair. There's some nice white tones in there and a little bit of a purple-y tinge on the lengths, but it turned out quite okay.

I'm not overly impressed by it, but like I said, my hair wasn't the colour it was intended to be used on, so I'm not too bothered by the lack of results. I will give it a 4/5 for the product itself though - it was easy to use, it didn't run everywhere, it didn't smell too strong, it was cheap and it left my hair feeling nice and not overly dried out like some toners have before. So a thumbs up for the product itself for sure!

You can pick it up either at your local Home Bargains or at Amazon HERE for just a pound more plus FREE delivery!

Have you used this toner? Let me know in the comments, lovelies!
Laura x