Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Harry Potter Studio Tours | London Pt 1

hello lovelies!
Back in May last year my lovely boyfriend, Alex, sacrificed (that's how he puts it) his 21st birthday present from his parents for me to go to London and, best of all, the Harry Potter Studio Tour. I'd wanted to go to the studio tour since it opened, so as you could imagine, I was over the moon! I'd loved Harry Potter since I was 8 years old and I'd always wanted to travel to London, so two of my dreams came true in one day. (Thank you, Alexander!)

I realised yesterday that I never got around to posting about going to the studio tour (lazy mare), so I thought, as I also recently visited London again, that I would do a couple of posts to tell you what I got up!

Our trip was with National Holidays, so we spent 5 hours on a coach to London with a load of strangers which was actually quite fun. I always tend to panic when travelling for long periods of time, but it wasn't as bad as I thought....I just ain't using no transport toilet! When we arrived at the studio tour, I was like a little kid. Alex must have looked at me like I was mad, but I felt like a kid again waiting to see the next film or read the next book. If you're a HP fan like myself, you'll know the feeling I'm trying to put out there. I don't want to completely ruin it for anyone else who hasn't been yet, but in the words of one Ronald Weasley, 'It was bloody brilliant'! As soon as you step in through the doors, Harry Potter comes to life. With the chess pieces, the Ford Anglia and all the props set up around the place, it was quite hard to get around everything. There was just so much to take in! (I actually panicked as our phones went dead and we rushed out in case we missed the coach.....we didn't and we couldn't go back in *infinite sad face*) The Great Hall was my absolute favourite part of the tour, even though it's the first set you see, it just leaves such a mark on you that you can't believe that you're there. It was so magical. All the tables were set up, the costumes were all in place, the props were all set out like a real scene.....ugh, it was amazing!

I'm not one for making a scene, so when I wanted to take a photo, I mostly just took a really bad #selfie like the one above. Oh, heyyy sunshine! It was so exciting to see all of the props inside the tour, my favourites were definitely Hermione's time-turner, the Marauder's Map and the Weasley's hut which was better than I could imagine! Besides the Great Hall, my favourite sets of the tour had to be Snape's potions lab and Diagon anyone that's been, how surreal is that?? I went straight to Olivander's, Gringotts and the twins shop which was f'n brilliant! It was just out of this world. Walking along the tour, you cannot take it the feeling of seeing the Hogwarts Express for the first time it was stunning! It was so surreal seeing the train that you wished as a little kid would come get you and take you to Hogwarts....Literally, the only thing that could've made it better was Dan, Rupert and Emma walking in....but alas, they have a life. I couldn't have imagined it any better. If you're a HP fan and haven't been yet, I'd recommend it to the high hills. It's (what word haven't I used) magical! 

*pic is blurred, thank you tour man who tried to be helpful taking the pic, but failed*

I ended up leaving the studio tour with a replica Hermione wand, a souvenir booket, a Platform 9 3/4 keychain and a mahoosive Marauders Map mug. I could've bought everything but my bank balance and Alex wouldn't let me....

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my time at the Harry Potter Studio Tours and I'll see you for my next London installment :)
Laura x

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