Monday, 29 February 2016

February Goals | Revisited.

Back at the beginning of February I decided to set myself some goals (you can read the post here); both personal ones and ones for my blog. As we are now on the last day of February, I thought I would update you on whether or not I achieved them or whether I just messed them up as usual. Ha!

So if you remember they were as follows:

P.S. This may be a long post. Just a heads up!

Post at least twice a week - CHECK.
Actually this month is probably THE most I have blogged in a long time. If you're interested in what I've blogged about, links are below:

Comment on more blog posts - Sorta check.
I've not had much chance to read many posts the past few weeks, but if I have read a post I have made sure to comment on it.

Join in #bbloggers chats on Twitter - Nuuu.
I completely forgot about what days the chats were on and with not being very active on Twitter lately it just slipped my mind.

Post reviews on products I already own - Sorta check again.
Even though it's just one post, I did review a book that I owned, so does that count? I think it does. Yeah, it counts.

Continue with my diet & lose at least 6lbs - Definite NO.
I started this month out with super good intentions and was determined to lose just half a stone, but like all my diets it went down the shitter within two weeks. The most I lost was about 3lbs, which I probably have gained back. I'm hoping a fresh start today will kick my butt into gear.

Exercise more / buy an exercise bike - Nope.
I think there's a definite pattern with my life / health goals here....I have been one lazy S.O.B lately and have hardly walked anywhere, unless you count walking around town shopping...which probs doesn't count. I have been searching high and low for a decent exercise bike to suit my budget and my weight but I'll be damned if I find one, but I will continue my search.

Do not buy any makeup products this month - HA. Big fat fail.
It all started when my mascara began to irritate my I bought TWO more. One for my house, one for Alex's - logic. Then it blossomed into a new brow mascara, lipsticks and brushes...*sigh*

Do not buy any new clothes this month - Fail.
Ha! I suck at this. I did buy 3 items of clothing this month. But on a 'yay point' they only cost me £20 altogether.

Only buy books from charity shops - CHECK.
WOOT. One I can check off my done list. This month I haven't purchased any book at all. I purchased all of the Tess Gerritsen Rizzoli & Isles books for my Kindle last month so they're keeping me busy for now.

Read at least 5 books - FAIL.
I read 1/5 of this goal. Yeah, that's good, right? I managed to make it to the end of Eleanor & Park (just) within a week and I've since been reading 'The Sinner' by Tess Gerritsen which is definitely not as easy a read as that malarky.

So as you can see my goals for the month just got thrown through the window. I suck. BUT I will be back with my goals for March which will most definitely be the same as these, so keep a check on those as I intend to do better this month for sure!
Laura x