Tuesday, 2 February 2016

February Goals | Blog & Personal.

hello lovelies!
January has come and gone, how bloody fast was that? It's a weird feeling of it seemed like ages ago since it was Christmas to it only feels like yesterday since New Year's.....very odd. January definitely hasn't been kind to me this year. Whilst in London with Alex, I found out that my Grandad had lost his five year battle with cancer and it also marked one year since I said my last goodbye to my Mum, which as you can imagine just makes my heart ache so much. So, I am hoping that February is going to make up for the rubbish start to the year. As I've seen posted.....January was just a trial month, this year starts now!

So for February I've decided that I am going to set myself some goals, both blog related and personal, so that I've got something to aim for come March. They're nothing extravagant, but baby steps lead to bigger things!

Post at least twice a week.
Comment on more blog posts.
Join in #bbloggers chats on Twitter.
Post reviews on products that I already own.

Continue with my diet & lose at least 6lbs.
Exercise more / buy an exercise bike.
Do not buy any makeup products this month.
Do not buy any new clothes this month.
Only buy books from charity shops.
Read at least 5 books.

I am hoping that I will be able to stick to these little goals and that at the end of the month both my body and my bank balance will thank me for it.

What are your goals for February?
Laura x

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  1. You're so brave! I couldn't begin to imagine how hard it is to lose a parent - my mum is the biggest pain in the neck ever but i'd be so lost without her. So sorry to hear about your grandad too :( I lost mine in May of last year and 9 months later i still can't quite believe it.

    I've decided to set myself a couple goals each month too, to help motivate me a little more.

    Fingers crossed, February is a better month for you!
    Natalie xx


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