Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas. For him & her.

So Christmas is over. The New Year is in full swing (WHERE HAS IT GONE?) Now we're nearing yet another 'special occasion'. The V word. No, you dirty minded person, I mean Valentine's Day (where the other V word may come into play, heeey). Valentine's Day has never really been something I've fallen into. It's always been another scam to get people to spend their money to me. BUT as I now have a boyfriend (of five years, but whatevs) I feel I need to purchase something to show him I love him (cos saying it obvs doesn't mean anything anymore). I'm not sure what I'm getting him this year, but I thought I would put a little post together and help you lovely lot and myself get some ideas!

Obviously, Valentine's day can be a rather sexy occasion, but I went for a more of a personal touch guide with a hint of sexy. 

For the ladies, I saw this gorgeous Pink Satin Nightdress on the George Asda website and thought it was really sexy and would be a lovely item to get from your man (or woman). On the Card Factory website they have a ton of personalised gift ideas and I saw this
Personalised Heart-Shaped Diamante Jewellery Box and thought it was very unique. Perfume. What lady doesn't like a nice new smelly! Nina by Nina Ricci 30ml has always been a favourite of mine. To me it smells like toffee apples and is such a fab scent. Lastly, it doesn't need to be a special occasion for me to want chocolate, but Thornton's have created this fab 'Love You More Than Chocolate' Heart shaped chocolate gift. Perfect for your lovely lady.

For the gentleman in your life, I found this Personalised World's Best Pint Tankard. Alex has one of these and he loves it. Next, who says it's only women that get underwear for Valentine's? These very fetching F&F Tuxedo Boxer Shorts look like the perfect gift for your man. The next idea was mainly for my own nose than his. Alex has this Diesel Fuel For Life man perfume and it smells divine! It's always a good night when he splashes a bit of this on. Aaaand to treat him, this Thornton's Milk Chocolate Car would probably make him smile. Two of their fave things together!

I wrote this post after receiving an email asking me to promote a post of Thornton's website. As I love Thornton's chocolate, I jumped at the chance. So along with my own little ideas post, you can pop over to Thornton's blog post *HERE* to have a read at some of their fab ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day!

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?
Laura x

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