Saturday, 16 January 2016

Movie Moments #2

Week number two of Movie Moments is here. This week I've hardly watched any movies which kinda defeats the purpose of this feature, but I've recently became a fan of 2 Broke Girls and I've been binge-watching season one this past few days. I did squeeze a couple films in though, so here we go.

If you live under a rock, here's the lowdown. Edward is a high-class business man who unwittingly drives himself into a Hollywood red light district. Whilst asking for directions, he encounters Vivian, a newby hooker, who offers to take him where he needs to go for a fee. The morning after, Edward, intrigued by Vivian's wit and back story, decides to hire her as a escort for social meetings. And the fun begins....

I LOVE Pretty Woman. I've loved this movie since I was a kid (yeah, not the best movie for a kid, know), I remember being obsessed with it for weeks. Julia Roberts' hair in this film was my ultimate goal in life. Guh! Their chemistry is amazing, the story is fab's just really good. Watch it.

Maura is the smart, reliable, responsible sister while Kate is the irresponsible, unorganised sister. They both come together to thwart their parents plans to sell their childhood home which they envisioned one day being their own. Maura has always been the good child and Kate the wiildchild, but for one night they decide to throw a huge party in their folks house and switch roles. Choas, of course, ensues.

I really like Amy & Tina so when I saw this advertised I knew I wanted to see it. I love their bond that they've got and they make anything they do together amazing. This film was really funny and just a great watch.

What have you watched lately?
Laura x

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