Wednesday, 16 December 2015

My UNREALISTIC Christmas Wishlist.

We all have that secret wishlist that we would love to ask for, don't we? I think if money wasn't an issue to anyone we would all have over-the-top, flamboyant, crazy gift lists for our loved ones come December. I am no different. I have so many things I would love to ask for. Sometimes, I do ask for them just to see the blood drain from my dad's face, ha! But, seriously, if you could have absolutely whatever you wanted, what would it be? These are the bits I would ask for.

Number one would be a bedroom makeover. Not the most glitzy thing to ask for, but if you saw my room you would understand. It is tiny and cramped because I can't throw things away. I would love to have fitted wardrobes, a lovely white dressing table and all the accessories. I think white furniture is just beautiful and makes a room look clean and bright. 

Number two would be a new TV. I currently have a 19'' telly which has served me well for over 4 years now, but the dvd player in it is starting to fail and I need a new one. I have actually asked my dad for a new TV (no, not to see him pale) for Christmas and I think I may just get one. Fingers crossed. At least then Alex can't brag that he has a bigger tv then me!

Number three would be the amazing Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. I have oggled this phone since it came out. It is so sleek and, dare I say, sexy. This phone would look perfect in my little hands, but alas, I shall have to stick to my S4 *sad face*

Number four would's a new one....laser hair removal. I know, not the 'norm' to find on a wishlist. But I have 'suffered' from facial hair growth since I was 15 (thank you, PCOS!) so having someone pay for me to get rid of it would be fab! It's a very expensive treatment, so this one is definitely on my dream-list.

Finally, number five would be a to spend Christmas in New York. Also one from the dream-list. I've dreamt of going to New York since I can remember. Watching Home Alone 2 every year just deepens my need to go there and see the Rockefeller Christmas tree and all the lights of the Big Apple. I guess, if I start saving now.....I might get there by 2020!

And is magic existed, I would, of course, wish to see my Mum again for Christmas.

What would you have on your Unrealistic Wishlist?
Merry Christmas,
Laura x


  1. Definitely agree with number 5! That would be amazing! Maybe someday...

    1. Ugh, it would 10 years of dreams come true! x


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