Thursday, 6 August 2015

ColourB4 Extra Strength Hair Colour Removal Results. Red to Blonde.

Hello lovelies!
Back in January, I decided that I wanted a fresh start and finally took the plunge to go bleach blonde and I loved it. I still do but as always with me, I got bored and decided to go back to my much loved red hair. Well, for some unknown reason, this time it just didn't 'fit' and within a week of having it red, I was back on the hair hunt looking for a way to get rid. Of course, there was the choice of bleaching it again, but with it already having been bleached I was scared of my hair breaking, I turned to the oh-so-smelly ColourB4

I've previously posted about my experience with ColourB4 (here) where you can clearly see I was disappointed with the results of that outing. But with no other ideas, I went straight to Tesco and picked up a box of ColourB4 for an eye-boggling £9.99 (can be found much cheaper elsewhere). 

There's two different kinds of this product: one for frequent use if you enjoy your fashion colours & an extra strength one for colour build up or to remove dark colours. As always I went for the extra strength option as my hair had previously been bleached, so I wanted to make sure that all the red was removed.

I'm not going to go into the whole process of how to use the product as I have written it before on my other post, so if you need to know how to use it correctly have a read of it here. Let me tell never gets easier to do. The amount of time it took to do the whole process really made me wish I hadn't put any colour on my head in the first place! Eeek! 

BUUUUUT as you can clearly see this time it worked. WAYHAY! To my utter surprise all of the red was removed, hallelujah! Now with just a couple of sessions of toner and a few highlights, my hair will be back to how I want it. 

So this time around ColourB4 made me one happy bunny. I'd definitely recommend this if you're in need of colour removal, it's fab. I can't say that your results will be as good as mine, but if you follow the instructions to a tee then I think you'll be happy too.
(this will not remove any bleached sections of colour)
You can pick this up from Amazon for the same price plus FREE delivery - here.

Have you tried ColourB4? How did yours end up?
Laura x