Sunday, 30 November 2014

Cancer Research / MacMillan DONATIONS, please!

*This isn't the usual post you'd expect to find here on my 'beauty' blog but it's something that has effected me recently and is effecting millions of people around the world so I thought I'd write a little post about it.

With Christmas being just 25 days away I'm preparing myself for the mad rush that always happens at this time of year and by preparing I obviously mean hibernating in the house until I'm on my last pint of milk and loaf of bread, ha! Christmas is the time of year that we all like to spend time together as a family and have a drink, have a laugh and just genuinely enjoy each others company. This year my family and I are so greatful that we will be able to do this together. If you aren't familiar with my blog or don't follow me on twitter then you won't really have a inkling what this post will be about, so prepare for depression mode Laura.

This post is about the dreadful disease that is cancer or 'the big C' as people like to label it. Back in July my lovely mother, Julie, got diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Stage 3 means that the cancer tumour is 5cm or more and has spread into the lymph nodes around the breast area. This news was heartbreaking for us to hear as you can imagine and we honestly couldn't take it in. It took a long time to even try to process it and once we were almost over that hurdle, it got worse. In August my mum was sent for a MRI scan and they found that the cancer had spread into her liver which meant her cancer was now at Stage 4. Stage 4 is the worst stage that cancer can be. It means that the tumour is 5cm plus and has spread into organs around the body, this is considered incurable as we know from the doctor plainly saying to us that if my mum didn't have treatment she would be dead within weeks....not something anyone should hear. Now, four months on my mum is still here fighting her arse off to beat down this fucking awful disease. Her cancer is shrinking in her breast, her lymph nodes appear to be clearing and her liver is not as cancerous as it was three months ago. So she can put her mind at ease as we know that the chemotherapy is doing its job. Now she has to deal with the unfortunate side effect of the chemo and cancer by injecting herself with blood thinners everyday to get rid of two small clots that have formed near her lung. Luckily they were caught at their earlier stages so the doctors are optimistic that the blood thinners will work over time to break them down. The oncologist is optimistic and that makes me so fucking happy, you have no idea.

So since July my lovely mother has been in and out of hospital a hundred times, she's sat through hours of chemotherapy treatment, she's stood strong after having countless needles stuck into her and she's done all of this without once moaning about it.

This success is all down to my mother's oncologist, the chemotherapy & Macmillan nurses and the research that goes on everyday to try and put an end to this horrible disease.

I'm writing this post to ask you lovely lot to spare a thought for the people who are fighting cancer/have lost someone from cancer or the families that are trying to deal with cancer. Please think about them this Christmas and if you can please donate to try and further the research that is currently going on. I would love for there to be a cure for cancer one day and I would love to say that we all played our role and gave a hand in it.

So if you can please donate this Christmas. Anything you donate can help.

It costs just £25 for a nurse to spend that precious hour with someone dealing with cancer. If it wasn't for the MacMillan nurses I don't think my dad and I would have coped this long.

Not to sound like a terrible charity advert, but please just spare a couple of quid this Christmas. I'll love you forever :)
Laura x


  1. I'm nearly crying reading this, you're mum is such a fighter!
    It's awful to go through such a thing, i lost three of my uncles to cancer in the last 12 years which is crazy really, i hope you're all doing okay xx
    Love VictoriaJanex

    1. Sorry about your uncles, hun. It is horrible as fuck. I've broken down a few times in private. It's so hard to try and keep strong but then I look at her and think, she's going through hell the least I can do is stand by her and be strong.

      Laura x


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