Saturday, 19 July 2014

Things I liked this week #1

I've seen a couple of bloggers writing posts similar to this one, so I took some inspiration from those posts and decided to do this little post of my own. Featuring quotes, pictures, songs, videos....these are 'Things I liked this week'.

This little hippo really made me smile and reminded me that you should love yourself for who you are and be happy in your own skin. He's a cute little guy.

This quote by Eminem is one of my favourites. It's so easy to say this, but it's such a powerful quote that everyone should live by.

I couldn't agree more. I hate drugs, I hate that people decide to take drugs. Reading is such a good alternative and I'd push reading on anyone.

This would be my ideal night in. I think I've seen every episode of friends 4/5 times, but it never gets old!

Ugh, dream bathroom or what? Someone give me a million pounds so I can have this please! I mean the bathroom would be bigger than my whole house, but wow. It's beautiful.

I am in awe of this cake. Like, seriously, this cake is just amazing. I would LOVE to wake up on my birthday to this cake. Just W.O.W.

This gift wrapping is super cute. Why has no one ever thought of doing this?

This is probably one of my favourite quotes from Harry Potter. It's such a nice quote.

Ugh. I view I would LOVE to be able to witness in real life. New York at Christmas is my dream holiday ever. This is just perfect.

I love this. Finally something good to come of this piece of s*it song. I was at a convention and Blurred Lines came on at the disco that night & someone complained to the DJ & his response was: 'It's a popular song'. She replied, 'Rape's getting popular too, are you going to promote that?'.....can't say I disagree. Finally someone's made something good out of this crap!

I hope you enjoyed this random post. Until next week,
Laura x

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