Friday, 11 July 2014

REVIEW - WITCH's Naturally Clear Skin Clearing Primer.

A product review? On PGR? What is this madness?! Heh. Today's review is on a primer that I've been using recently, Witch's Naturally Clear Skin Clearing Primer. I won it in a blog giveaway from the lovely Jess and I finally started using it last month when my Nivea one decided to go a bit weird (aka lumpy)....

This is 'an anti-blemish skin clearing primer that is designed to help prepare the skin for your foundation'. It does this by absorbing excess oils on the skin and giving it a nice mattified finish. This helps to leave your skin with a nice smooth base which helps you to achieve an even and long lasting finish from your foundation. It also helps to clear your skin of blemishes (hence the name) and helps to prevent breakouts by creating an invisible barrier between your skin and your makeup. Cool, right?
I noticed with this multi-purpose primer that it includes some fab ingredients that not only help protect your skin from your makeup but ingredients that also help calm/condition & hydrate:
 Pure Witch Hazel Extract - this provides natural astringency to help balance out the skin
 Anti-bacterial actives - these help to prevent blemishes and breakouts
 Liquorice Root Extract - helps to calm the skin
 Glycerin and Pro-vitamin B5 - this helps to condition and hydrate the skin
 Silicone Polymer - this absorbs excess oils and helps to mattify the skin

The Witch website is very helpful in offering you tips and tricks on how to get the most out of their primer, which I find amazing considering the information most websites offer. They recommend that you apply the primer onto cleansed, dry skin (avoiding the eye area) and then leave it to settle into the skin for a couple of minutes afterwards before applying your foundation.

The product itself has a slight gel consistency to it, it's not thick, but it's not watery either. I found that the first few times I used it it was a little hard to spread evenly over the skin, but a couple of tries later, I realised that I was using too much of the product and trying to do too much with it too fast. When applied to the skin, it tends to dry quite fast on me, so now I use tiny amounts of the product and gradually work my way around my face, instead of trying to spread it all in one go. This lovely primer really helps to keep my makeup on my face (as opposed to melting off like it usually does) and I'm not as oily in the afternoon like I usually am, score! I do have to blot now and again throughout the day, but this primer really helps to keep things in place.

As for the spot fighting side of the primer, I can't really comment on it. Since using the primer I've not had the usual tiny pimples that I get, which could be attributed to this primer, but I have had several spots pop up on my cheeks. So I can't say whether this does good as a spot clearing product, but it might work on you, it just depends what your skin is like.

To summarise - 
I really like this primer. It keeps my face nice and shine free. It keeps my makeup in place a lot longer than it usually stays and it doesn't dry out my skin or aggravate it. I think I may repurchase it when I need to as it is a lot better than the ones I've previously used.
Have you tried this primer? What do you think?
Laura x


  1. I haven't tried this but I have tried the BB Cream, it is quite light but requires a lot of blending! :)

    Danniella x

    1. I tend to steer clear of BB Creams because everyone except the Maybelline (blue) one makes me look orange :/

      Laura x


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