Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Plus Size Clothing Sale.

I decided to have a mini clear out of my wardrobe yesterday and found some items of clothing that I either a) don't wear anymore b) have never worn before or c) they don't fit me anymore. I thought since I know plus size clothing is harder to come by for a decent price, I'd pop some up on ebay for your guys to have a look at.

They are all in perfect condition. Worn once or twice, if that. They are mostly George clothing with one item from Primark.

These are George @ Asda denim shorts. Size 24. I've worn them twice, but I don't like how they look on me. I have wide hips, but not wide legs, so they look quite big on. They're above knee length and are perfect for Summer! All information can be found here

This is a gorgeous 2 in 1 cardigan/top, also by George. Size 20. I adore this and have worn in several times, but with having changed weight, it does not fit anymore :( 
All info can be found here.

These are Boyfriend Fit denim jeans, by George (can't you tell I like George?). Size 20. I've worn these once. I loooove them, but they don't love my big belly, so I'm offering them to someone else to love. I put a higher price on these as they are essentially brand new.
 All info can be found here.

This is a gorgeous white Summer dress by Atmosphere, Primark. Size 20. I've never worn this, I don't know why I bought it because I hate wearing white clothes. It's got an elasticated bust area, with a ruffle and gold button detail. It's a beaut, shame it's not a different colour.
All info can be found here.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. Bids open to UK only. Payment via Paypal, please! (If you have an plus size sales going on, let me know!)
Laura x

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