Friday, 18 July 2014

Mini Clothing Haul ft. George & Primark.

I recently got a new *bigger* wardrobe for my bedroom and I've been trying really hard to cut back on buying anything new until I sort out my current rack of clothes. love of dresses seems to have blossomed a lot more since the weather's gotten warmer and I might have purchased a few new bits here and there.....

I got this lovely pink/grey dress from Mr George at Asda for £10 (here). I wasn't too keen on it at first, but it's definitely grown on me since. It's got a crossover strap on the back and an elasticated waist, which lets it sit perfectly on my big hips. I added the thin black belt so that I could heft it up a little bit to give it a looser look around my tiny boobage area.

 My rather large hips are really on display in this cami smock dress, £8 also by George (here). I love the design on this dress. It's busy, it's colourful and it's perfect for Summer. I also like that instead of normal straps, it's got tie effect straps, which give it that little more detail. Like with the previous dress, I pop a little best around my waist to give it some more shape.

The final dress is one I'm not so sure about yet. It's from Primark (£6 or £8) and it's got this lovely blue, bold floral print, which I love. What I'm not sure about is the layered design of the dress. When on it looks okay, but one puff of wind and the layers are everywhere. It's also got one of those stretchy tops top which don't have straps on, so if I do grow to like it I will be sewing some on, asap.
 And finally, this is one of my favourite tops EVER. I have this design in almost everything George have brought out and I love it. This fab smock top cost me pennies, £6 to be exact (here). Even though it's a teeny bit short for my liking, I just pop a cami underneath it and it looks fab. I adore the design so much.

Sorry for the poor image quality, I don't have a big enough mirror to fit all of me in, ha! Have you bought any nice pieces this week?
Laura x


  1. Love all your new pieces. They're all so cute :)
    Can't beat a George/Primark bargain!
    Sadly I'm skint so no new pieces for me at the mo!

    Julie x


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