Friday, 13 June 2014

TV Shows You Should See #4

I've not posted a 'TV Shows You Should See' post in quite a while, not too sure why I haven't, might be that I tend to lose followers whenever I do, ha! Oh well, I like doing this little feature on my blog, so if anyone doesn't like it then simply don't read it ;o)

Today's installment is my recommendation of a short lived, but well done TV series called, StarCrossed. The show literally begins with the Atrians, the name of the aliens in the show, crashing to earth in their 'spaceship' in 2014. This event causes the Atrians and humans to come to head and begin a war. During the chaos, a young boy named Roman escapes and takes solace inside the garage of the town's police chief. Unbeknownst to Roman, a young girl named Emery has witnessed his hiding place. Emery, realising that Roman isn't a threat, takes care of him and offers him her friendship until one day the army catch up to them and she never sees Roman again. That is until ten years later in 2024 when a group of teenage aliens begin attending the local high school provoking the humans to take things into their own hands.

The story is about the alien/human relationship and how the humans deal with this new species coming to earth and how the Atrians deal with the way the humans treat them. Both are accepting, for the most part, but each side has their black sheeps who want to rid the earth of their enemies, so the show isn't just about the romance, it's also got a huge sci-fi kick to it.

I began to watch Star Crossed due to my love for Roswell, which has a very similar premise to this show in that it has a human/alien relationship. Even though the show only got one season, I think they did a great job with it and an even better job with the finale. I won't ruin it but I am so annoyed with how it ended (like I was with KyleXY) because it had such promise for a great season two. I suppose people are just into that reality crap lately and good shows keep getting axed because of it. *deep sigh*

I'd definitely recommend this show if you loved shows like Roswell and Dark Angel. I think it's a nice mix of the two shows and the cast is amazing. I've not seen many of the faces in it before but they did a fab job with their characters. Team Draylor!
You May Recognise - Matt Lanter from 90210 & Malese Jow from Vampire Diaries.

Have you seen the show?
Laura x


  1. oooh myy goshh i love this show at the moment!! I feel like its something you either love or hate, but i love it! There is so many attractive men and it always ends on a major plot twist which i love too haha! i do sometimes find it frustrating with the whole love triangle and different relationships which i wish would work out but never do (drake and taylor and roman and emery specifically) !! :) xxx

    Heather ♥

    1. I know, every episode had an amazing cliffhanger, it's so annoying that it's been cancelled!

      Laura x


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