Wednesday, June 11, 2014

REVIEW - Myleene Klass Nail Wraps.

I love painting my nails and I love attempting to create nice, pretty designs on them, but the truth of the matter is, I am rubbish at it. I can't steady a tiny brush to save my life, so when I saw these Myleene Klass Nails in the pound shop I couldn't resist picking up a few packs as these retail for around £6 in Boots!

Myleene says: 'With my exciting new nail wraps you can get dazzling, gorgeous nails in an instant. They're so quick and easy to apply - just peel, stick and go! You don't even need to heat them up. There are 24 different nail shapes and sizes in each pack, so it's easy to give your tips and toes the perfect finish! Best of all, unlike polish, my nails won't chip or peel. They're durable enough to last all week, but remove so easily you can change your look as quickly as you can change your clothes. I love them and I'm sure you'll love them too'.

Inside the pack is a set of 24 different sized nail wraps and a simple nail file to help you apply them. 

Before applying these nail wraps it says to make sure that your nails are polish free and smooth, so that you get a perfect finish. To apply the wraps you simply (1) pick one that matches your nail size (width) and apply the rounded side onto the cuticle and smooth it out. (2) Stretch it over the nail and use the nail file to 'gently' buff off the remaining pieces. It sounds simple enough, doesn't it? Well, it really wasn't. The wraps, no matter how I 'smoothed' them on, refused to give me a nice smooth finish. The length of each wrap was far too long and I ended up just using scissors to cut around them, as the file was useless and the nails seemed to loose their grip after a quick reapplication. Not what I was expecting.

After roughly half a hour applying them all my nails looked fab. Then after a few hours of typing and doing my usual activities, the wraps began to peel at the tips and I ended up just removing them all.

Even though they look nice at first, I'm so glad I didn't pay £6 for them. They took way too long to apply and were far too fidgety for my liking. I'm all for nice nail designs, but if I'm going to spend half hour of my life doing this, I may as well just do them myself! (UPDATE: They peeled off after a few hours)

Have you tried Myleene Klass' nails? What did you think to them?
Laura x


  1. I can imagine how annoying it was to put those on, they do look cute though

    I have a giveaway over on my blog, go check it out if you like!
    love victoriajanex

    1. Either they were annoying or I'm short-tempered, ha!
      Laura x

  2. I think for these to work you need longer nails so that you wrap the wrap (haha!) around the nail to sort of keep it on if you know what I mean.


    1. Yeah, I wondered about that. I have short, stubby fingers, so my nails are rubbish and short too. It's a shame because they're a good idea and I'm too lazy to attempt doing my own nail art :/

      Laura x


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