Sunday, 8 June 2014

BEAUTY HAUL - Featuring hair & supplements.

This haul is dedicated to my long suffering tresses. After the past few months of stripping, dyeing, bleaching and straightening it, it's now a dried out mess. I had a look online at ways to get it back into shape and found multiple websites suggesting using masks & supplements. Already being a mask fan, I thought I'd give some supplements a go and bobbed into town for a 'look' to see what could help me out.

As all beauty bloggers know having a 'look' generally means coming home with a bagful of things that we didn't really need to get in the first place.....and that's what I ended up doing. Whooops!

Lately my psoriasis (eeew) has been flaring up a lot on my scalp and with just having my hair dyed, I didn't want to risk using a tar shampoo and losing my colour. So, I decided to look up home remedies to help soothe it and found a website recommending Evening Primrose Oil & Omega 3 Fish Oil supplements, so I picked these up from the £ shop to see if they do anything for me. I also picked up two mini Batiste dry shampoos as I've been in need of some for ages and for £1, they're worth it all day. I also got a top up of Impulse's Vanilla & Peach body spray because it smells lovely!

I know I only just had my hair dyed a few months ago, but I get bored really easily and I picked up these two box dyes for the next time I dye my hair, which will be soon as my roots are coming in f.a.s.t. I picked up two different shades; an Olia hair dye in '8.31 Golden Ash Blonde' and a Schwarzkopf Colour Mask in 'Golden Brown'. I bought these two shades because I'm a bit unsure whether to top up the blonde when it fades or just dye it back brown. Being blonde is very difficult to maintain, so going darker would be easier. I'm in a miff over it right now, so watch this space!

Whilst scanning websites for help with my scalp psoriasis, I found out that anything containing SLS is a MAJOR no-no for dry skin conditions. When I read this I looked at all the shampoos in Tesco/Asda and they all contained this harsh ingredient, so I checked online and found the Naked range. Luckily for me, these were on a 2 for £6 offer at Boots, so I picked up one to protect my colour and one to just cleanse my hair. I'm hoping these will work wonders on my scalp....I may be asking too much, but here's to hoping! I will update on all the products here after I've tested and trialed them!

Have you picked up any bargains lately? 
Anything I should be having a nosey at in Superdrug?
Laura x
(I wrote this a few weeks ago and completely forgot about it, so reviews for the products above will be up asap!)


  1. I loooove Naked Bodycare shampoos, they are so gentle <3


    1. I still haven't bought any of their bodycare yet, which ones would you rec?
      I love the shampoos, they feel really weird though without the foam-y-ness.

      Laura x


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