Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Currently I'm - May Edition.

This week I've mostly been trialing things that I've bought, so I've not got any reviews written up just yet, I will do sometime at the weekend though, so keep an eye out. I thought I'd just do a quick 'Currently I'm' post for today as I haven't done one since March *oops* so, it's about time I got a new one posted!

Reading: I just checked my previous 'Currently I'm' post and, sadly for me, I'm still reading the same book; Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. I began reading this in March and I'm still only about 100 pages in. The first one took me a while to finish, the second one I actually read quite quickly and this one seems to be dragging and I can't get into and get a reading flow going. I might put it aside for a bit and move onto something else for a while....not sure yet.
Watching: I've recently been re-watching Gilmore Girls on DVD. I'm in the middle of season five at the minute and it's probably one of my least favourite seasons, so it's taking me a while to finish it. (Pattern developing?) I plan on re-watching either Charmed or Roswell next.
Listening to: I've developed a slight obsession with the band Tonight Alive recently and I've had their music on repeat for the past week. I've also been listening to some rock music from the 70's/80's. I'm in dire need of something new to listen to, so any recommendations would be fab! (I don't really like chart music, FYI)
Drinking: I drank some lovely wine last night (it was Alex's birthday) at Boccaccio's. I've been drinking a lot more water/flavoured water and I've also started drinking some peppermint tea to try and combat my constant heartburn.
Learning: I recently learned how to do a fishtail braid. I can't do a really nice one, but I'm getting better everytime I try to do one.
Loving: Winning at the pub quiz. Alex, his dad and I have been going to the local pub for quiz night and we've won every time. I don't think they like us very much :) My dad's also been working over the road from Ryan Hall (Leeds Rhinos player) and he got us his autograph, so that was ace. My mum and I go to the games and my dad randomly meets him at work? Typical.
Wearing: At the moment, I have on Alex's Star Wars lounge pants, a cami and Alex's checked shirt. I've been wearing dresses a lot lately too, the weather's picking up a teeny bit every day, so it's nice to have a dress on!
Laura x


  1. Mockinjay is brilliant, although the 2nd was definitely my fave! Well done on the fishbraid, I wish my hair was long enough to wear them! x

    1. I'm still nowhere near to finish Mockingjay....it's such a drag to read. I agree, the second book is the best one.
      Ha, thank you! I still can't get a fishbraid right, but it's worth a try :)

      Laura x


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