Friday, 25 April 2014

HAUL POST - Feat. Primark & G21.

I recently posted a clothing wishlist declaring that I wouldn't be purchasing any more clothes for a while. Well.....that didn't last very long. Whilst visiting my brother in Huddersfield last weekend, I headed straight towards their massive Primark store in search for a lovely purple, butterfly print dress I'd seen in my local store. But to my *utter shock*, I only found sizes 6 & 8 left on the rack, so I was out of luck as usual. It must've been my day though because I ended up coming home from Huddersfield with three new items that collectively cost around £5 more than the one dress.

I'd been eyeing up this lace dress everytime I went into Primark, but didn't think a size 20 would fit me (Primark not being able to measure an all) and it's price tag of £10 was a bit pricey for my budget. But when I popped in yesterday to my surprise this lovely dress was half price at £5 AND they had a size 20 on the rack. Woot! I got it home and thankfully it managed to slide over my hips without getting stuck, hoorah!

I also found this lovely Aztec(?) design top for £5. I loved the colours in the design, I wasn't too keen on the lace at the front though, but when I got it home I fell in love with it. It is gorgeous. I adore the way that it hangs when on and that fact that it doesn't attach itself to my hips/stomach or accentuate my size. It's definitely my new favourite item of clothing.

Finally, I popped into the a charity shop and found this lovely blouse by G21. As a beauty blogger, a blouse featuring nail polish and blusher is a must have. I got this for £3.00. It doesn't fasten, which doesn't bother me as it looks nice over this black cami (hopefully I'll fit into it better later in the year).

So for £13, I think I picked up some lovely bargains. What do you think?
Laura x


  1. Ooh that dress is lovely, looks very pretty on you too. It's always tricky with Primark, I'm anywhere from a 18 to a 22 with their odd sizing *the frustration*


    1. Thank you! I know, I can *sometimes* fit into a 20, it just depends on the material. But they really don't do their sizings well :/

      Laura x


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