Wednesday, 30 April 2014

BLONDE AMBITION - Going Blonde from Dark Brown.

hello lovelies!
I don't claim to be an expert when it comes to hair dyeing. I usually just buy a box colour I like, normally a red toned brown, pop it on my hair and away I go. So, when I decided to try and go blonde (bad idea!), I did all the research I could on how to bleach correctly. I watched youtube videos, read blog posts, etc and I ooh'd and aah'd for a week or so and then, I finally took the plunge. 

Before I began the lightening process, I first stripped the current hair dye from my hair (you can read about that agony here and here). As you can see below, not a lot of the hair dye came out. But I'd definitely recommend using a colour stripper before bleaching. If you've never dyed your hair before, you don't need to do that step.

The kit that I used to lighten my hair was Garnier Nutrisse Truly Blonde Creme Pre Lightener. This is just like an at home hair dyeing kit and applies just like one (the roots are left until the last 10 minutes), so it's really easy to use. It says that it lifts the hair up to 4-6 tones lighter than your natural colour. There is another version of this dye, which goes a few more shades lighter, so if you're going for that bleached white blonde colour, pick that one up!

Inside this box lightener there's a developer, pre lightener creme, conditioner and the most important, bleach powder. You get two little sachets of the bleach powder (the silver packet), this is so that you can decide whether to use one for a slight lightening or both for the highest possible lift you can get. I used both sachets as my hair was very dark and I got this result:

As you can see, my hair lifted quite a few shades from the dark brown it was before. My roots/mid-lengths turned ginger and my ends were a light brown/auburn shade, which was better than I was expecting. It's obviously not the blonde that I was going for, but after a few days, I popped another box of the same bleach dye on my hair and ended up like this:

Clearly from my face (excuse that, please) I wasn't too happy with the results. My hair ended up a mix of orange with yellow and white streaks running through it....I know that hair has stages that it goes through when being lightened - brown, red, orange, yellow, white - and I probably needed just one more bleach to reach the white blonde I was going for, but.....I didn't want to do it. At this point my hair felt really dry, rough and ...elasticated, which didn't seem like a good thing to me. So, I just decided that I wasn't going to carry on with the blonde ambition and leave my hair alone for a while, it'd gone through enough the past month anyway.

From my experience, unless you know what you're doing for sure, GO TO THE HAIRDRESSERS if you're planning something as drastic as going from dark to blonde. You might think it's pricey, but this whole process cost me roughly £45-£50, which I could easily have spent at the hairdressers. Plus my hair felt horrid, so the hairdressers would definitely be worth the money. Speaking of.....

Weeks after walking around with orange hair, I did eventually go to the hairdressers. It was the first time I'd EVER had my hair dyed professionally and I really enjoyed the experience. I didn't think much could be done with my hair the way it was, but I explained what I wanted and the hairstylist, Chloe, managed to do an amazing job and I came out smiling, always a good thing.

After all the mess, I now have a warm golden brown shade with dark roots. I absolutely adore it and it cost me just £38! Cheaper than all the strippers/bleaching kits I'd previously bought. So if I ever get the itch to go back blonde....maybe the hairdressers is the best place to go, eh??

Have you ever attempted this at home? Did it turn out alright?

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P.S. I did go back blonde at the beginning of 2016 and I did it at home and it turned out amazing! I originally was going for an Ombre look, so I used the LOreal Ombre Kit to achieve this, then after a few weeks I got bored and decided to use the SAME kit again and just combed it throughout my entire head and unlike the above 'pre-lightener' the bleach lifted straight to a white blonde. So...maybe the hairdressers aren't needed for my stubborness, ha!