Saturday, 22 March 2014

Currently I'm - March Edition.

Sadly, I've got no new reviews for today as I've been busy redecorating my bedroom all day and I am wiped out. I enjoy decorating, it gets my energy up, but I hate when it's completed and there's nothing to do. It's such a downer feeling. So, to give you lovelies at least something to read, I thought I would do an update of my 'I'm Currently' posts.

(BTW, I've been trying to lighten my hair - this is where I've got so far)

ReadingI am still reading the Hunger Games trilogy. I completed Catching Fire a few weeks ago and finally watched the movie (which was brill!), now I'm about 20 pages into Mockingjay. I started it about two weeks, I think this'll be a loooong ride.
Watching: I have a had a buttload of tv shows on my 'watch' list lately. Each week I watch new episodes of Bones, Castle, Supernatural, Baby Daddy, The Crazy Ones, Chicago PD and StarCrossed. I adore these shows so much and I'm gladly caught up with them all now, so that I can watch them once they've aired in America. I've also watched both Thor films this week, which turned out to be pretty good.
Listening to: I've been listening to Daughtry's new album, Baptized, quite a lot this week. I adore his music and his albums just seem to get better and better. 
Drinking: I've been trying to drink more water and less fizzy drinks, which is going okay. I have the odd can of diet coke now and again, but water has been my best friend lately.
Loving: My new bedroom. My mum and I spent today redecorating my entire bedroom. She did the 'big' wall wallpapering, whilst I painted the other three. I also did a bit of wallpapering myself and I didn't do too bad, if I do say so myself! 
Enjoying: Not having to go to the job centre anymore. Woohoo. NEXT.
Learning: How to wallpaper, if that counts. 
Wearing: At the moment, I'm relaxing in a baggy baseball shirt, some leggings and my slippers. I don't have any socks on though, so my tootsies are freezing. 
I think it's bed time soon though :)

Laura x


  1. Would love to see a room photo of the finished result as it sounds great!
    I watched the second Thor film today, it's great how there's quite a bit of comedy in it too :)

    1. I've ONLY just finished putting all my things back into place. It looks really nice and bright, but my room is so small, it's difficult to make it look not-cluttered. Grr!

      Laura x

  2. Liking your blog and I've nominated you for a Liebster award :) Details are at - and good luck with Mockingjay, it's hard going compared to the other two!


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