Friday, 7 March 2014

REVIEW - ColourB4 Hair Colour Remover.

For the past two weeks I've been in the process of stripping my hair. When I decided to do this my hair was a light brown at the top with streaks of red and purple, while the bottom was a deep purple with light brown and red poking through. So, it's safe to say that my hair was a complete mess! In my previous hair post, I used a brand called JoBaz (you can see here) which didn't do the best job at removing my hair dye - so I caved and bought the 'World  No.1' hair colour remover, ColourB4.

Colour B4 has two different strengths to choose from depending on what colour your hair is. There's the 'normal' strength one, which helps to remove lighter shades/tones from your hair and then there's the 'extra' strength (this one) which helps to remove darker colours/tones and colour build up. These kits work by penetrating the hair strand and shrinking the hair dye follicles from the hair, which then allows you to simply just wash it away. Sounds simple enough.

 The ColourB4 kit consists of an Activator, Remover and After Treatment Buffer. (This is exactly like the JoBaz kit). To use, simply mix parts A and B together and apply well to the areas you want to remove the colour from, making sure to coat each strand, you don't want perfectly stripped hair and then a red streak...The whole process is really straightforward, it's just like a home hair dye kit, you leave it on for either 30 (normal strength) or 60 (extra strength) minutes depending on how built up your colour is. Then you simply wash it all away. The 'wash away' part is pretty boring and takes a lot longer than I'd like, but this is the crucial part of the process, so make sure you read the instructions thoroughly before applying.

This is the results I got from using ColourB4 this time around....not good, is it? You can see that a little more colour has faded from the top and it's not as red at the bottom, but the ends are still dark. My hair is also not in it's best condition ever either. So, I'm quite disappointed with the results as the last time I used ColourB4 it stripped every last hair dye molecule from my, annoyingly for me, the 'stripping' process continues. (uhuh)
Laura x

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