Tuesday, 18 March 2014

HAIR - The Vitamin C Hair Colour Removal.

If you've read my blog lately, you will have noticed my feeble attempt to remove my permanent hair dye from my hair. My past few posts featured the miserable results I got from using two of the top hair colour remover kits, ColourB4 and JoBaz. Even though they were little bottles of chemicals, they barely removed any of the colour. *disappointed face* So, to spare my hair any more damage, I looked online and found a couple of 'natural' remedies that could help to remove some of the colour. The one that got me raising my eyebrow was this one: The Vitamin C Hair Colour Removal Treatment, a simple, but supposedly, effective way of removing some of the colour build up in your hair.

What you will need:
- anti-dandruff shampoo (preferably head and shoulders)
- vitamin c tablets
- a good conditioner
- a shower cap or plastic bag
- a mixing bowl & spoon

To begin, you'll need to get enough Vitamin C tablets to total around 2500mg and smash them up so that they become a loose powder. I did this by using a spoon and crushing them inside a bag, but however you prefer! Go crazy!

Then start applying drops of shampoo and mixing it into the powder. Keep adding shampoo until you have a 2:1 ratio of shampoo:powder, you may need more depending on hair length. You should end up with a consistency like this:

It should be slightly froffy, but well mixed together like a paste, making sure that there's no lumpy bits of the tablets left over as this won't really do much for the hair.

Once you've mixed it together, dampen your hair with some water and begin applying the mixture to your hair, starting with the parts that require the most colour removal. I began working from my tips to my roots as my ends have the most build up on them.

Once you have thoroughly applied this to your hair, place a shower cap (or plastic bag) over your hair and leave it to soak in for 60-120 minutes. I left mine on the first time for 60 minutes and for 120 minutes the second time. You can leave it on as long as you require depending on how much you want your colour to be lifted.

When your time is up, wash the mixture out with warm water, making sure to get every last bit out and then apply a heavy duty conditioner to give the hair back the moisture it's lost during the process. Then dry your hair and see the results.

As you can see this treatment definitely lifted a bit of the dark colour in my hair. The ends still remain darker than the rest of my hair, but with a few more treatments I think the colour should look a lot more natural. I would definitely say that the results of this treatment and the results from the hair removal kits are very similar, only this one is a lot cheaper!

My hair did feel a little bit dry after I'd washed out the mixture, so I applied my Tresemme conditioner on to my hair for 5 minutes and a little bit of coconut oil to my ends and my hair felt super soft and very healthy.

All in all, I would say that this treatment is worth a go. It's cheap, it's effective and it does no damage to your hair, what's there to lose?
Laura x

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