Sunday, 23 February 2014

CHITCHAT - Sunday Summary.

Aaah, the Sunday Summary. Not a lot's been happening this week, I've mainly just knuckled down and finished watching One Tree Hill. All nine seasons have now been watched and cried over and now I feel sad because this has become my favourite show. And I've seen a LOT of shows, so that's saying something for me. I'm not ashamed to admit that the last episode made me cry, it was just perfect, especially the appearance by Gavin DeGraw and the characters all singing along. I can't recommend this show to you enough, it's amazing and it changes so much, you will not be bored in Tree Hill.

In other news, this week I decided that I wanted to change my hair. I wanted to strip the hair dye out and just start afresh on new, dye free hair. Well, my first attempt didn't go very well as I decided to use a cheaper version of ColourB4 called JoBaz and it failed, so I bought an actual box of Colour B4 today and plan on trying again tomorrow. Until then, I've slathered my hair in Coconut Oil in an attempt to give it some nourishment before stripping it again.

My 'diet' hasn't been going too well this week. I've been eating healthy still, I've just not had the motivation to get the exercise part done and I feel a bit like I've let myself down, but tomorrow's a new day and I can try again.

Laura x

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