Sunday, 9 February 2014

CHITCHAT - A Sunday Summary.

I started these Sunday Summary posts so that I would have something to blog about, but when it comes to writing them out I always get stuck on what to talk about as my life isn't exactly jam-packed with fun stuff. So, bare with me as I bore you with my amazing writing skills.

This week, I decided to take a stab at my Wreck This Journal book, but I'm finding it difficult to use colouring pencils in the book as it seems to transfer everywhere. Any tips on stationary to use? I've currently only messed with the first page and the 'cover this page in circles' page...I'm enjoying it, but I'm not as creative as I thought I was.

I've finally been taking some blog pictures this week, so hopefully (after saying it for weeks) I will have some new posts up and actually have the motivation to get them written out. I've been going through my drawers and found so many products that I never use...I think an ebay selling spree is in order soon too. Anyone know when ebay's got a free weekend?

In other news - I've nearly completed the Hunger Games! I'm really glad I carried on reading it, I just got to the part where Rue died and tried not to cry.....I need to watch the movie again after I've finished and then crack on with the second book and movie. We (my parents & I) have reached season eight of One Tree Hill. Only one more season to go. I feel a bit sad because this is truly one of my favourite shows ever. I'd definitely recommend that you watch it if you can, it's amazing. Also, it's only 13 weeks to Asylum 12! I'm excited as I missed last year's convention and I can't wait to get to the hotel. It's a really nice experience just being in a posh hotel, getting to meet the SPN cast is just a bonus!

I did actually write a post this week. Not a good one, but a post nonetheless.

Anyhoo, until next time....
Laura x

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