Sunday, 2 February 2014

CHICHAT - A Sunday Summary.

It's Sunday again....and February, how is that possible? This year seems to be flying by far too fast for my liking. Slow dowwwn! Not a lot has happened for me this week, although I did fix (temporary or not) some bad issues that I was having from last week.

I spent some much needed time with my boyfriend and had a really lovely few days together, it felt good being with him and not having silly issues between us. I am no longer moody as I found a way to satisfy my chocolate cravings with mini chocolate fingers and I have tried blogging a few times this week to try and get rid of my blogger block. So, those few things have made my life a bit better this week, hoorah!

I'm still sticking to my 'healthy eating' regime and finally got weighed this week. If the scales I weighed myself on before I started were right then I've lost about 5lbs, which isn't too bad as I've not been putting the exercise effort into it just yet. My junk food cravings are fading away, which is a blessing, but yesterday I was really craving pizza, so my mum and I decided to make our own. It turned out really nice and about 200 calories less than a store bought pizza, so I think we may try it out again.

This week my house has once again been filled with One Tree Hill. My parents are nearing the end of season six now and I think they'll not bother with the rest of the series as they, like many others, are watching it for the incredible love story that is Leyton. But we'll see what they think....I've also been watching a few more things this week. I finally watched Meet The Deedles, which I think deserves more than the reviews that it got. I also watched Enchanted (don't laugh) and caught up on my fave tv shows, I think my ideal job would be sitting and watching tv and movies and just getting paid for it. Wouldn't that be cool?

Anyway, what have you been up to this week?
Laura x


  1. I spent most of today in work but was immediately cheered up by hearing 'Let It Go' from Frozen in the charts on the way home! Such a good sing along song :) xx

    1. Feel free to cyber slap me, but I've still not seen Frozen. I'm going to have to pick a day this week and watch it! :) x


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