Friday, 21 February 2014

REVIEW - OPI's 007 Liquid Sand 'Vesper'.

For Christmas a friend of mine was lovely enough to buy me my very own mini OPI nail polishes. I'd bought her the Mariah Carey Liquid Sand collection and in return, I got the James Bond 007 collection
 This collection features four mini nail polishes each named after one of the famous Bond Girls - Jinx, Vesper, Pussy Galore and Solitaire. The polish that I chose to review today is named after Bond girl, 'Vesper'. As you can see, in the bottle this colour appears to be a really dark almost black shade, but when this is painted onto the nails it comes out a lovely grape purple, which I didn't expect. It also has the black 'sand' effect within the polish, which looks really pretty and different on, but I must say that it is a pain in the butt to remove, just fyi...
 Without flash.
With flash.

This colour is gorgeous and it lasted such a long time, too (for nail polish, anyway). I painted my nails on Sunday and by the following Saturday it barely had any chips in it, which I thought was amazing. But when it came to me removing it, like I said, it was extremely hard and time consuming to take off as the 'sand' effect didn't want to budge and I ended up scraping it off....not good. That being said though, this is my only issue with this polish, otherwise it is fab!

Have you tried this OPI set? What did you think to it?
Laura x

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