Tuesday, 18 February 2014

CHITCHAT - A Sunday Summary.

I finally finished reading The Hunger Games book this week, which surprised me and turned out to be quite good. After reading it, I actually now prefer the book to the movie as the movie seemed to miss out so much and just didn't fulfill my expectations. I've moved onto Catching Fire now, so I'll hopefully get through this rather quick and then be able to buy and finally watch the new film when it comes out.

My lovely boyfriend surprised me and bought me the new Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 DVD and got the special edition one with the Strawberry toy. It's sooo cute, n'woooooh.

I'm now only eleven episodes away from finishing One Tree Hill and I feel completely depressed about it. This is the first show in a loooong time that I've fallen in love with and I absolutely adore it. I'm really sad that I'll be leaving the characters behind soon....I'm not ready yet. I think this has bumped a few of my old faves down a notch. I really recommend this show if you've not seen it.

On the diet front....I can't say whether I've done good or not this week. I got weighed again in Superdrug and was overjoyed that I've lost a few pounds....then I realised that I've also grown two inches in a week....so even those scales don't work properly. So, I have no way of knowing if I'm succeeding or not...yay! I suppose I'll start to see the changes soon enough, if it IS working. I've been eating under 1400 cals a day and walking more, so I'm hoping it's working anyway....

Also, my lovely glasses decided to break on  me, so I've spent the week wearing a really old pair that screwed up my eyes for a while, but I finally got my broken ones back. Well, technically, they are news ones as I got a complete new frame, but I'm glad to have them back. I can see properly again!

Until next time,
Laura x

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