Saturday, 22 February 2014

REVIEW - JoBaz Max Strength Hair Colour Remover.

This week, after a bit of a debate with myself, I decided that I wanted to strip my hair and get it back to my natural colour. I've had dark hair for a few years now and even though I like it, it does make me look a little washed out during the warmer months as I don't tan very well. So getting back to my natural light brown/ginger hair would make a nice change for Spring/Summer and give me a warmer tone to my hair. I also thought it would be easier/cheaper than going to the hairdressers.....boy, was I wrong!

The last time I stripped my hair (a few years ago) I used the more well known brand, ColourB4, and got amazing results. But being on a budget, this time I opted for a cheaper brand - JoBaz Hair Colour Remover Max Strength.

 This little kit promises to: restore your natural hair colour, prevent any colour build up, remove wrong/unwanted colour and do it all whilst being kind to your hair. (FYI, this and all other strippers will not work on bleached hair). It does this by using it's no-ammonia, no-bleach formula and shrinking the hair dye molecules right out of your hair, leaving them ready to wash out and reveal your natural hair colour.

 Inside the box contents - a) the activator, b) 'max' remover and c) a buffer for afterwards.

Using this kit is pretty thing though, make sure you have a window open when applying it as it really smells and it's not nice when inhaled. So, before you begin, make sure your clothes are covered up as it can stain if it comes into contact with them. Comb through your hair and section off the hair that you want to remove the colour from. When you're ready, pour contents a) into contents b) and shake it up well. Then begin applying it just like you would a home hair dye kit, making sure to get every strand of hair you want stripping. If you have lighter roots, apply this to the ends first. Apply this all over the areas you want to strip the colour and then leave it on for up to one hour for the Max Strength or just 30 minutes for the Normal Strength). I would also suggest wrapping your hair up in a plastic bag or cling film to trap the heat and make it work better!

The whole process is quite lengthy. It takes probably around 90 minutes to finish up and that's the part I hated (along with the smell). After I'd left the mixture on for 60 minutes, I followed the instructions and ran my hair under the shower for 10 minutes (!) to make sure all the 'colour molecules' had been washed out, then I applied the buffer and left it on for one minute, then I rinsed my hair AGAIN for a further 5 minutes (!) then I applied the buffer once more and rinsed. If all that doesn't get the stuff out, I don't know what will!
After that you're done. You just have to wait for it to dry to see the results. 

Here are the results that I got for my hair....
As you can see there is quite a difference to my hair after using JoBaz. The purple/red mix that you see on the left has washed away and left behind a light brown/ginger colour which is apparently my natural colour....(I really don't know if it is). That is pretty much where the goodness ends because what you don't see above is the ends of my hair which sadly stayed a dark brown/red and were left feeling dried out and strawlike, as you can see below.

So, as you can see, JoBaz Hair Colour Remover worked to an extent - getting my roots back to their 'natural' colour, but I don't know what happened with the ends and why they didn't get the same results. Sadly for JoBaz, I will not be grabbing for this the next time I want my hair stripping, I'll go straight for ColourB4 which worked wonders.
This can be bought for £4.99 at Home Bargains.

Have you tried any colour trippers before?
Laura x

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