Sunday, 2 February 2014

NAIL POLISH - January Favourites.

The only joy of being unemployed is that I get to paint my nails whenever I want. This past month I've been delving into the mountain of nail polishes I own and enjoying trying them all out. But, I've narrowed them all (and I mean all) down to my Top 5 for January. These colours are the ones that I've been wearing most and just adore!

  George 'Seahorse'. Revlon 'Minted'. Revlon 'Nouvelle Teint'.

Sally Hansen 'Chocolate'. High Brow 'No Name'.

I think the reason that I chose these five for my Top post is that they are all really simple colours. But when they're applied they do a really nice job of making your nails look really pretty. I added in the confetti polish because it's gorgeous. I don't usually like glitter polishes, but this is really lovely and looks fab over a pink/purple base coat.

Unbelievably, I picked up 3 of these polishes from the £1 shop and they've become my absolute faves....can you guess which ones? ;)

What colours have you been loving lately?
Laura x


  1. Love the two pastel polishes! I haven't really been wearing nail polish lately because my nails have all been chipped and snagged from the cold weather and getting caught on everything :(

    1. Mine have done that these past few days. It's very annoying. I think I have one good nail left out of them all :(


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