Friday, 28 February 2014

WISHLIST - March Makeup Edition.

I realized today that I haven't bought any makeup in nearly a month and I have the audacity to call myself a 'beauty blogger'. If I be honest though, I've not bought makeup out of choice because the drawers in my bedroom are full of bits and pieces that I don't use and I've decided that instead of wasting money and overloading my tiny tiny bedroom, I'm going to use them all up first and then treat myself with a big haul later on. Saying all that though, I've already been on the look out for what I will be purchasing and I took some time to narrow down the list because I have to stay smart at the same time as going crazy in Superdrug, right? Here's what I plan on buying (it'll probably have multiple additions by then, oh well):

Maybelline Pure Cover Mineral Concealer - I have this now and it is amazing. A lot of people rave about Collection 2000's concealer, but this is just as good. (EDIT: I just bought this from Ebay). 
Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation - A promise of better skin and something to cover my bad skin? Yes, please. (Anyone got a review for this yet?)
Collection 2000 Fix Me Up - Makeup doesn't stay on me long, so I want to try this out just to see if it can keep my makeup in place longer. (Any reviews?) 
1D Coral Cutie Blush Stick - I can't stand 1D, but I've seen several reviews on these and they sound fab. I don't own a coral blush, so I definitely want to try this one out.

(I can't remember where I found the palette, but it's pretty and I really want to find a cheap, good quality one, so any recommendations?)

What have you been lusting after this week? Anything you'd recommend?
Laura x

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