Friday, 31 January 2014

HAUL POST - Makeup & Skin Care Mini Haul.

I think this is my first post in 5 days, which feels odd as I've never left it that long before.
But hey-ho, I'm back today with a little bit of a haul post. It's the first time in a while where I've actually bought more than one thing in day, so I thought I'd better blog about it!

I hate washing my hair everyday, even every other day, so I always make sure to
have a little tin of Batiste (Mamba) in my bag because it's a life saver when you're a bit lazy like myself. I always make sure to keep an eye out for the 'big' tins going on sale, but for now
this little baby will have to do.

Looking in the £ shop has become a weekly thing now and I can't help myself from scanning
the beauty and hair section. I've noticed them getting a lot of oil products in lately and their
newest one is the Macadamia Oil Extract Hair Treatment, which, of course, I couldn't leave
in the shop! It's a decent sized bottle and for £1, I can't moan. (Review coming soonish).

Again, the £1 shop came in handy and gave me another little bargain, as I found this 'Quick Fix Facials Mask' on the shelf. I definitely couldn't leave this on the shelf as it retails for
around £5 in Boots, so I snatched one up to give it a go. The one I got was the Brightening
Peel Mask, which helps outs with dull and uneven skin tones. (Review coming soonish).

Finally, I picked up this lovely matte palette from MUA. I hate shimmer shadows, so this
palette was a must for me and for £3, it's a complete steal. Even though, I think the colours could have been a bit more exciting, it's a great little palette that will come in handy for everyday wear. (Review coming soonish).

Nothing too exciting, but I'm hoping to having a bit of a splurge over the weekend!
What have you been buying lately?
Laura x


  1. I went a bit mental with the Seventeen offer in Boots... oooops :) x

    1. I've just been in Boots and completely forgot to have a look. I'll have a look online! I've not tried any Seventeen products yet :)

      Laura xo

  2. I've been buying my mum things lately, how nice of me! But yeah she liked my MUA Mascara so i bought her some of that.
    love victoriajanex

    1. Aww, nice daughter ;)
      Ha, I've tried a few things by MUA, but I've never tried the mascaras. Are they any good?

      Laura xo


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