Saturday, 11 January 2014

Belated - What I Got For Christmas.

So, I've oggled over all of you lots lovely Christmas presents and been quite jelly of some of them! You are a bunch of lucky buggers, aren't you?! Well, I've finally (finally!) gotten around to taking the pictures, uploading the pictures, enhancing the pictures on Photoshop and posting them on here along with this writing for my very own 'What I Got For Christmas' post. I didn't take a picture of everything that would have been a pain to try and do, so I picked my favourites out to show you lovely lot :)

Harry Potter bracelet. Bought for me by Alexander <3

 Soft Kitty plush pillow that sings, hehe. Thanks again, boyfriend :)
 My new favourite shoes. Thank, parents!
 Bits and pieces from the parents/Alex/Fran. 
 Got the Yule Monty S&G set and piled all of my other things into it. Heh!
 Lush Lip Scrub (nom!) Thank you, boyfriend!
Gorgeous earrings from Alex (left) and Mum (right).
A new camera! My old one was making weird sounds when it was on
so now I finally got a new one, so more blog photos! :)
Also, got this gorgeous necklace from my folks <3

I got some really amazing things this Christmas and I feel so lucky to have gotten any
of them!  Here's to next Christmas ;)
Laura x


  1. great gifts!!! i love that mini opi set!

    1. Thank you, they are all fab! I haven't tried the OPI set yet, but the colours look lovely :) x


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